Thursday, October 13, 2016

Okay.....It's K-Beauty South Korean Style To the Rescue, Ladies

Looking for a flawless, clear, youthful forever complexion?

Well, who isn't?

For us, good skin is NOT a given. We've had to battle back from the sun damage, general aging and whatever else causes imperfect skin.

We have NEVER tried K-Beauty, but younger people seem to know plenty about it and are addicted to the awesome results.

Even the ultra-conservative WallStreetJournal took a good look at K-Beauty.

What is it?!

Here's a great WSJ description:

...."K-Beauty---the umbrella term for all South Korean imports in the skin care, makeup and bath-and-body categories—has been attracting fans in the U.S."

K-Beauty is all about the unusual + supposedly scientifically-advanced formulas,
including stuff like---- moisturizing starfish extract,  firming-and-tightening pig collagen + snail mucin.
Check out this K-Beauty shopping website with tons of complexion beautifiers ---PeachAndLily.

This MIZON SNAIL REPAIR INTENSIVE AMPOULE ($38) is SOLD OUT at the moment, because it's so popular, but they will re-stock soon.

The serum is designed to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines, and troubled skin..

The customer reviews rate the product highly.

Will you try K-Beauty products for a flawless complexion?

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