Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clairol Adds 24 New Shades For Gorgeous At-Home Color

It's always best to visit a salon when it comes to coloring your hair, especially if you are making drastic changes or trying to maintain a complicated two-tone process.

However, at-home coloring is big business, and we know some women who do it very well, and their hair always looks so darn pretty and shiny.

Since we are all trying to be the best recessionista, that we can---- you know, a very stylish chick who can live within her budget, then at-home coloring can be just the perfect match for you. Whether you home-color in between your salon visits, just to touch up roots, or even to go glam with a new shade, dyeing hair can be a wonderful adventure.

And the folks at Clairol are adding new color to your life! 24 new shades of beautiful!!!!

That's right. Clairol is introducing 24 new shades this season. And you can find these pretty colors at your local drugstore. From permanent to semi-permanent to a quick root fix, there are even more shades to choose from.

Clairol Balsam haircolor has debuted a new Signature Browns Collection.

Clairol Natural Instincts has introduced its new Champagne Indulgence Collection.

And more shades have been added to Clairol's Perfect 10, Nice 'n Easy, and Root Touch-Up collections.

For more hair color information visit: .

Friday, April 24, 2009

Countess Gives Advice: From Table Manners To Touching His Arm Lightly

We adore the Countess. She's bold, sassy, beautiful, and stands out.

We are talking about LuAnn deLesseps. And yes, she is a real Countess! If you have tuned into Bravo's reality show, The Real Housewives of New York City, then you certainly know the Countess.

And now there's plenty of buzz about her new book, "Class with the Countess": How to Live with Elegance and Flair. The book is now available at bookstores nationwide.

We thought we'd take a little peek into this modern book on manners and etiquette. If you head to her book website,, you will find lots of fascinating items, and Countess LuAnn's blog, where she talks about table manners to touching his arm lightly. Yeah, that's right. The Countess has strong opinions on how to act with class, and how to hold a man's interest.

We hope The Countess doesn't mind us quoting from her blog:

....."It is possible to be a strong, accomplished woman in matters of business, yet be soft in affairs of the heart. Men respond positively to women who dress like women (a flirty skirt and high heels might do the trick). Men love when women speak softly, listen intently, and act flirtatiously. A date should not be treated like a business meeting – it is a chance to be engaging, sexy and whimsical. It is by being elegantly provocative that a woman communicates her interest to a man.

Tip: Here a few ways to turn up the heat during your next encounter with a man who intrigues you:
• The gaze – look into his eyes a few beats longer.• Talk in a soft, low, provocative voice – you will both need to lean toward each other, drawing attention to your lips.• Keep up the banter – being light and playful keep the energy high.• Touch his arm lightly – only the briefest of touches and only above the belt unless you’re playing footsy!• Show him you’re interested in him without giving him your business card. If he wants your number he’ll ask for it. • Leave him wanting more."
posted by LuAnn deLesseps

Okay, maybe some of you are snickering, but we think the Countess has a lot of common sense. And there's nothing wrong with wanting to share what you've learned, especially for a woman who has traveled the globe, meeting royalty, and encountering many different social situations. She wants to show you how to be comfortable in the world, and this book is a wonderful guide.

Countess LuAnn deLesseps is the mother of two children, Victoria and Noel. Her 16 year marriage to the Count Alex deLesseps is over. The couple has been separated, and as of this writing, we are told the marriage is no more.

(website photo of The Countess and Count, in happier times)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Your Glow On With LiLo's Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist

Lindsay Lohan (we like to call her LiLo) has become a sharp businesswoman these days. She has recently launched a self-tanning mist called Sevin Nyne. It's now available online at for $35 a can.

Amid all the recent drama involved in LiLo's life, following her break-up with Samantha Ronson, the tanning mist sort of got caught in a cloudy haze. But now she's back, and Lindsay Lohan is proud of her business venture. She appeared on daytime's Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning to pitch her beauty product.

We like this self-tanning concept, because we all know how bad too much sun is to our skin and health.

LiLo developed the unique faux tan styling mist with Lorit, an expert celebrity airbrush tanner. The product is chemical-free and smells delicious!! And its made with natural products like---goji berry, chardonnay extracts, caramel, and a sugar coconut base. And It even comes in an environmentally-friendly aerosol can.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan wears her own Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist. She's got very fair, freckled skin, and this product delivers a natural, golden glow.

"I have tried every tanning product on the market and worked with the best tanners in the business. When Lorit and I met, we thought it would be great to bring a quality product at a reasonable price to the market so everyone could enjoy a professional spray tan," LiLo says.

Sevin Nyne is named after LiLo's two lucky numbers 7 and 9.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ProActiv Derms Develop 3-Step Anti-Age Regimen To Zap Wrinkles

You know these smart derms:

and Fields.

If you've had pimples, and used ProActiv Solution, then these Stanford-educated women, have made a huge impact on your life.

Clear skin isn't their only mission, however.

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists are now zapping wrinkles and sun damage in a simple, 3-step Anti-Age Regimen ($160):

"ANTI-AGE Regimen refines texture, energizes skin cells, and signals the building of collagen. The ANTI-AGE Regimen features 3 full-size products:
Gentle Exfoliating Wash 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz.
Hydrating Toner 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz.
and Skin Protectant Cream SPF 15 Sunscreen 50 mL/1.7 Fl.Oz."

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists also offer 3 more beauty treatments in their Anti-Age collection:
Anti-Age Night Recovery Cream ($107)
Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream ($59)
Anti-Age Night Renewing Serum ($89)

So, do these beauty treatments really work?

According to their website, the peptide technology makes it happen:
"This complete skincare system combines peptide technology, anti-oxidants and UVA/UVB protection to firm and protect, as it replenishes and repairs collagen loss in your skin. Not a temporary plumper, polypeptide technology signals your skin to increase natural collagen production over time. Using Multi-Med Therapy, ANTI-AGE Regimen delivers the right medicines, in the right formulations, in the right order to transform your skin."

To order Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Regimen, visit: and

By the way, you are also invited to join the Rodan + Fields Skin Care Team, and become an Independent Consultant. The business opportunities are waiting.

For more information, send an email to Victoria at:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CG Outlast Lip Stain Really Lasts And Lasts On Your Lips

Cover Girl spokesperson, Drew Barrymore, wears "Everbloom Kiss."

There are actually 10 luscious shades to choose from in the newest Cover Girl Outlast Lip Collection. No budge--no smudge lipstains ($7.29, at drugstores).

Take a look at these cute lip pens. Don't they look like magic markers? Sharpies?

These beauty pens work in the same way. Just color your lips in.

And relax.....The shades are highly pigmented. Cover Girl describes them as: "a lightweight flush of color that lasts for hours without the heavy look or feel of an ordinary lipstick."

Apply some gloss on top to seal in the color, and you're good to go.Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain really stays put. It ain't going anywhere. Kiss somebody. It won't rub off. Eat lunch. You'll still have a stain left.

We're not going to promise you 8 hours plus, but you might be good for at least 4-6 hours of long-lasting lipstain. And hey, that's pretty decent.

The water-based colorants formula is nourishing, too, with hyaluronic acid and glycerin. No alcohol, either.

Yes, a lipstain is matte, and can be quite drying. But gloss on top helps, or a moisturizing lip balm over the stain.

Either way, you get a nice, subtle blast of color. We chose 3 shades we liked:

Plum Pout
Coy Coral
Wild Berry Wink

Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Brush On Nail Hardeners For Long Strong Nails

Nail hardeners are used to boost the strength of brittle nails.

And if you've been an acrylic nails wearer, then you know what we are talking about. Peeling. Splitting. Cracking. Unhealthy-looking nails.

Nail hardeners are actually clear nail enamels that have been amped up with different solvent and resin concentrations. They are the first coat of enamel applied to the clean nail and function as a base coat. And they can also be brushed on after a colored polish for extra protection.

There are many nail hardeners on the market. Some work well, and some do not. But the basic idea of using a hardener, is to build up a strong nail plate. In other words--- fortify, protect, and harden.

We have dug our fingernails into the dirt, and gone digging around for the Best Brush On Nail Hardeners:

1. Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener ($16.99, This little bottle has a huge following of fans. Hard to find, but we located a stash at One woman says she's been using Mavala for some 30 years. Now, that's an opinion we can trust.

Mavala describes their little nail hardener this way:

The tip of nail is the most fragile part which breaks easily. Logic and experience have proven that it is the tip of nail which needs to be strengthened. This Scientifique is a special treatment for the nail tip. It helps prevent splitting or flaking, strengthens soft nails. It features fast result, ease to apply and economical. And one little bottle lasts an entire year.

2. OPI Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengthener ($12.00,, and at fine salons). Let's face it, OPI really knows nails. And this small bottle can also do the trick. Say so long to cracking, splitting, and flaking nails.

The product works like this:

You apply two coats to start, then one coat every other day. At the end of a week, you remove all the product and start over. This method sounds weird, but it really delivers.

3. Witchcraft Nail Hardener ($14.99 at, or This stuff has been around for about 40 years. It was developed in Canada, and is very popular around here. Not easy to find, but Ebay always seem to be auctioning off a few bottles. And we found the hardener and a whole nail kit for $14.99.

And this nail hardener is so easy to use:

Shake well before using. Apply one coat to nail surface. Let dry, then apply second coat. Repeat procedure twice a week.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Wear 2009 Ponytails Without Damaging Hair

As you can see by these gorgeous photos of Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce Knowles, and Carrie Underwood, ponytails are so in for 2009!!

Whether your ponytail is big, bold, and exaggerated like Drew's, or casually off to the side like Jennifer's, pulling back your locks into a classic hairstyle, is quite refreshing for 2009!

And even if you have limp locks, or not long enough hair, there is a way to get a smooth, silky ponytail. Just a little faux hair, like a hairpiece or extension, and you can carry off a bouncing do.

If you have long hair already, you could also achieve this look the old-fashioned way, by spritzing on some volumizing mousse or lotion on to dry hair to pump up the volume. You could add some hot rollers, too, and then tease your way to max fullness! And secure back into a ponytail.

But just be careful how you secure your new ponytail do. Hairstylists will warn you that pulling back hair severely and often, can result in damage to your front hairline, especially.

Stay away from the common elastic, or elastics that have metal on them. Not good for your hair. Those items can cause snarling and breakage.

Ken Paves, hair genius to the stars, suggests you try a gentler ponytail securer like Vidal Sassoon No Crimp Elastics ($3). "They give you just enough hold without damaging your hair."
Another elastic brand to try is Karina Sport Colored Ponytail Elastics ($3.50). These, too, are metal-free, and will hold your hair tightly, without risking breakage.