Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CG Outlast Lip Stain Really Lasts And Lasts On Your Lips

Cover Girl spokesperson, Drew Barrymore, wears "Everbloom Kiss."

There are actually 10 luscious shades to choose from in the newest Cover Girl Outlast Lip Collection. No budge--no smudge lipstains ($7.29, at drugstores).

Take a look at these cute lip pens. Don't they look like magic markers? Sharpies?

These beauty pens work in the same way. Just color your lips in.

And relax.....The shades are highly pigmented. Cover Girl describes them as: "a lightweight flush of color that lasts for hours without the heavy look or feel of an ordinary lipstick."

Apply some gloss on top to seal in the color, and you're good to go.Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain really stays put. It ain't going anywhere. Kiss somebody. It won't rub off. Eat lunch. You'll still have a stain left.

We're not going to promise you 8 hours plus, but you might be good for at least 4-6 hours of long-lasting lipstain. And hey, that's pretty decent.

The water-based colorants formula is nourishing, too, with hyaluronic acid and glycerin. No alcohol, either.

Yes, a lipstain is matte, and can be quite drying. But gloss on top helps, or a moisturizing lip balm over the stain.

Either way, you get a nice, subtle blast of color. We chose 3 shades we liked:

Plum Pout
Coy Coral
Wild Berry Wink


TammyB, Memphis said...

Luv the idea of a lipstain, but----they are so darn drying. You feel like there's a dry sheet on your lips.

You really neede to mositurize the lips while wearing a stain, but I still haven't found the perfect lipstain yet.

I think I will try this one out. I hope you haven't steered me wrong.

Julie Harrington said...

Tammy, try Garden Botanika's Lip & Cheek Stain. There's 1 color that I know of and I finally bought mine at Ulta during a great sale. I've used it for about a year and really like it. It comes in a little compact (which can mean an icky finger until you wash it or that you have to use a lip brush) instead of those felt pen things. You might like it.