Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Wear 2009 Ponytails Without Damaging Hair

As you can see by these gorgeous photos of Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce Knowles, and Carrie Underwood, ponytails are so in for 2009!!

Whether your ponytail is big, bold, and exaggerated like Drew's, or casually off to the side like Jennifer's, pulling back your locks into a classic hairstyle, is quite refreshing for 2009!

And even if you have limp locks, or not long enough hair, there is a way to get a smooth, silky ponytail. Just a little faux hair, like a hairpiece or extension, and you can carry off a bouncing do.

If you have long hair already, you could also achieve this look the old-fashioned way, by spritzing on some volumizing mousse or lotion on to dry hair to pump up the volume. You could add some hot rollers, too, and then tease your way to max fullness! And secure back into a ponytail.

But just be careful how you secure your new ponytail do. Hairstylists will warn you that pulling back hair severely and often, can result in damage to your front hairline, especially.

Stay away from the common elastic, or elastics that have metal on them. Not good for your hair. Those items can cause snarling and breakage.

Ken Paves, hair genius to the stars, suggests you try a gentler ponytail securer like Vidal Sassoon No Crimp Elastics ($3). "They give you just enough hold without damaging your hair."
Another elastic brand to try is Karina Sport Colored Ponytail Elastics ($3.50). These, too, are metal-free, and will hold your hair tightly, without risking breakage.

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