Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clear Up Skin Quickly With Once Daily Zinc Supplement

Want clear, smooth skin?

Frustrated because you've tried the prescription acne drugs, the many over-the-counter zit zappers, and you're still bothered by break-outs and pimples?

Don't despair. We have a simple, inexpensive way to clear up your skin quickly with one, small daily zinc supplement .

You have nothing to lose, but about $6.99 for a bottle of supplements.

For those of us who have been there, pimples can seem like the end of the world. Acne has ruined many a date, instantly lowered self-esteem, and for some, lingered on for a number of years, even into adulthood.

So, what's so magical about zinc?

Let us explain. First of all, we know how important Vitamin A is to healthy skin. But so is zinc, because it is required to mobilize Vitamin A from the liver to the skin.

Several decades ago, a Swedish physician treating a patient for another ailment in the Uppsala University Hospital, noticed that the patient's acne improved after treatment with zinc supplements.

A Swedish study was later conducted on patients with pimples in a clinical trial. And after 4 weeks of taking zinc supplements, there were major improvements. After 12 weeks, the patients taking the zinc, showed an 87% improvement in their skin.

Zinc is present in a lot of delicious foods we enjoy, like pumpkin seeds, seafood, nuts, dairy products like yogurt and eggs, wholegrain breads, chickpeas, and so on.

From the research we found, most experts recommend one 15mg. to 25 mg. supplement pill of zinc daily. We don't want to scare you, but zinc can be toxic at high amounts. Trust us, a little goes a long way.

Take the zinc supplement with a meal. On an empty stomach, zinc can make you nauseous.

You can find zinc supplements at your local drugstore and in the grocery aisle.

That's it: 1 zinc supplement daily, with a meal.

Give it about a month, and you should see results. We can honestly say, this worked for us back in our college days. Within a month or so, our skin, and our girlfriend's skin improved greatly. And we were only taking a 15 mg. zinc supplement.

After our skin cleared completely, we later stopped taking zinc, and we never had a major case of acne again.

Just a reminder: If you are on prescription acne drugs or any kind of oral antibiotic therapy, do not take zinc supplements. Zinc could interfere with the absorption of these meds. Best to check with your dermatologist about the zinc method to clear up skin.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ouidad Brings Out Big Double Detangler To Comb Through Curls

Ouidad is a beauty company that knows all about curly hair. In fact, that is all they sell---- products for curly locks.

And we have to say, we were quite intrigued by one of their newest beauty tools, the Ouidad Double Detangler Comb ($24).

This double-sided comb has been designed to glide through your curls quickly and safely. In other words, no tugging or breakage.

According to their website, the Double Detangler Comb works because of these clever aspects:

Double Rows of teeth eliminate difficult knots and prevent curls from springing back and re-tangling
Longer Teeth reach through the most dense curly hair
Fewer Combing Strokes help curls remain defined and frizz-free
Spaced teeth are just the right width for detangling knots
Rounded Tips on teeth are soft on the scalp

There's just one little problem we see with this big, double comb. And that is its size. It's huge!! We're not kidding. Here are the dimensions:

The comb measures approx. 9-1/2"L x 1"W x 2-1/2"H and is made of sturdy plastic.

The reviews we read at a few online shopping sites that sell the Ouidad Double Detangler Comb, were favorable, but several complained about the big size of the comb and its heavy weight. However, those loving the Detangler, also spoke about its styling efficiency and how easily the comb can get through wild, thick, wet curls.

For more details, visit: www.Ouidad.com/Double-Detangler.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Boxes Of At Home Hair Color That Fade Less And Cover Gray

We have written several articles about hair color, salon pros, and at home color kits over the past year.

Coloring hair is a challenge at most levels, and yet, if you aren't attempting a 2-color process, strategically-placed highlights, or changing up your locks to a new, bold shade of red, then you can use at home hair color. And we have found you the brands that work the best.

Famous stylists like Frederic Fekkai, and many others, have recently introduced their signature at-home brands of hair color for women to try.

So, if you are just interested in covering grays and roots, or just enhancing your natural shade, you can stop off at your local drugstore and pick up a box of at home hair color.

And let's take a look at the Best At Home Hair Color Boxes. Thanks to the September issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, the folks there tested a bunch of leading at home hair color brands on swatches. And these are the boxes that faded less and covered gray perfectly:

Permanent Color:

Clairol Nice 'n Easy ($8) in Natural Dark Neutral Blonde tied with Revlon Colorsilk ($3.69) in Ultra Light Natural Blonde.

Both brands were so-so in covering gray. But both boxes were excellent at resisting fading and retaining shine.

Revlon Colorsilk ($3.69) in auburn shade Burgundy, scored high for its gray coverage and shine retention. Fading is common with red dye, and this brand did well after 4 weeks of washing, drying, and sun exposure.

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10 ($14) in Light Auburn, was the runner-up. Covered grays perfectly, but shine and color fading were fair.

Semi-Permanent Color

Clairol Natural Instincts ($9) in both Cinnaberry and Brown colors did very well. Great coverage, shine, and fade resistance. The blond shades did not cover grays as well.

Runner-up L'Oreal ColorSpa Moisture Actif ($6.49) in Chestnut Reddish Brown had very nice gray coverage and shine, The blonde and brown hues gave lots of shine, but didn't hide grays as well as the others.

Revlon Colorsilk ($3.69) in Dark brown scored excellently. Super shine, covered grays perfectly, and resisted fading.

Runner-up L'Oreal Excellence creme ($9) in Medium Brown performed almost perfectly with just slight fading after a month of washing, drying, and sun exposure.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dara Torres' Butt Exercise And Fitness Tips That Work

About a year ago, Beauty Tip Today wrote an article about Olympian swimming champion Dara Torres.

We talked about Dara's rock-solid abs and body at age 42. And one year later, she still maintains that enviable physique by constantly 'moving.'

Here's what we learned in a recent interview with the multiple Olympian medal winner from
"It doesn't have to be a purposeful workout, you just need to get out there and move, even if it's just a brisk daily walk. Exercise not only makes you feel younger, it relieves stress, and you automatically look better. It's a win-win." Dara Torres explains.

And we love that Dara is sharing a super butt exercise with us. We all love a high, round, firm butt. And we all know how hard that is to sculpt after 35. But Dara claims this one will deliver:

"My behind needs a little extra attention, and I swear by this move: Prop a small stability ball up against a wall. Lie on your back facing the ball with your butt against it, arms at sides, feet on ball, knees apart. Lift your butt, hold for a beat as your bring knees together and then lower to start. Do three sets of 15 reps."

We are also including diet tips from Dara Torres from our article last August.

Her favorite meal:
"A mixed green salad, turkey-spinach lasagna, garlic bread and green beans. My favorite cookbook is one I got in college—Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?"

And yeah, you can cheat, Dara says:

"It’s OK to have bites of food that probably aren’t the best for you because that way you won’t deprive yourself and then want more of that food. I eat what I want, when I want, but I exercise so I can do that."

More Dara diet tips here. Check this out:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Recipient Of Boob Jab To Increase Bust?

Here we go again. Actress Jennifer Aniston is rumored to have undergone a new cosmetic procedure called Macrolane injections. Or in layman's terms, a boob jab. A quick 'lunchtime procedure.'

The injections actually consist of fillers, almost similar to what people now have injected into their faces for volume.

And that is what the 40-year-old actress is rumored to have done.......add subtle volume and uplift to her breasts, and therefore, increase her bosom a whole cup size!

The gossip has already been around for years about Jennifer having breast implants. Many Hollywood beauties resort to implants, so that would not seem unusual. But is it possible if one has breast implants, to also safely receive Macrolane injections? Hmmm, good question.

Let's take a closer look at boob jabs or Macrolane injections. The gossip first got started in London at the Daily Mail. Folks in the UK and across Europe have nick-named these non-surgical procedures as boob jabs.

The perkier silhouette, however, is not permanent. The look will last about 18 months, and then you have to, er, fill up again, so to speak. Hey, at least it doesn't involve serious surgery.

Here's how the half hour procedure works:

A local anesthetic is applied. Then a thick needle containing Macrolane filler is injected deep into the breast tissue (ouch!). The filler itself contains hyaluronic acid (similar to that found in dermal facial fillers). It is a thick, dense fluid.

The only drawback we could find, is that some patients develop hard lumps after a few days. In other words, the body is sensing a 'foreign object' inside the breast, and tissue forms around it, fencing it in.

Meantime, we don't know how safe a boob jab procedure is. And we surely don't know if Jennifer Aniston has received one. The actress tends to get headlines for everything she does these days. Folks are watching her every move. Kind of difficult to live in a fish bowl that way.

What we do know, is that at age 40, Jennifer Aniston looks lovely and youthful with a body better than most women half her years. More power to her.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Witch Hazel Stinky But Delivers Naturally Smooth Skin

If you can get past the stinky smell, nature's ancient witch hazel, makes a very nice astringent or toner for the skin.

What exactly is witch hazel? Or its
scientific names: Hamamelis viginiana ?

We were curious about that, too, so we dug a little and found out that witch hazel is a plant. And a very useful one, according to http://www.drugs.com/:

Witch hazel is a deciduous bush or small tree that is found throughout most of North America. It has broad, toothed oval leaves, and golden yellow flowers. Brown fruit capsules appear after the flowers. The dried leaves, bark, and twigs are used medicinally.

Witch hazel water is the most commonly found commercial preparation, usually kept in most homes as a topical cooling agent or astringent.

Most people use witch hazel after facial cleansing. All you need to do is rub a cotton ball of witch hazel over your face, and enjoy a cool breeze. It is soothing and kind to sensitive skin. It relieves redness and swelling. And something in it, delivers back smooth, clear skin.

Many acne sufferers have tried witch hazel after their complexions refused to respond to expensive prescription acne drugs and over-the-counter blemish-free products. And the results have been excellent.

Dickinson's has been selling witch hazel since 1866. And the company boasts that their product offers "exceptional cleansing, soothing, and healing properties" as an herbal extract.

And the stuff is economical. For under $5, you can get a 16 oz. bottle. Just hold your nose. The smell isn't pretty.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes, You Can Wear Violet And Plum Lipsticks. Really.

Visions of plum, violet, lilac, purple, and amethyst, are dancing in the heads of designers and makeup artists for fall 2009.

These bold and sometimes subtle shades have been seen on the runways, on the streets, and on young celebrities like Drew Barrymore, and across to the UK on the lips of Peaches Geldof. Mac, Smashbox, and Dior have all stocked their shelves with violet hues.

Lately, it's all about the lips. Violet and plum are very popular at the moment. And yes, you can wear these different shades of lipstick. You just have to experiment and find the color that flatters your skin tone.

And just one, little purple reminder: Violet and Plum lipsticks, unfortunately, can make your teeth look yellow. Yes, it's true, especially with certain lilac shades. So choose your purple lipcolor carefully. Avoid purples with brown in them. Choose purple lipsticks with blue undertones, and then your teeth will pop with whiteness.

As far as makeup goes, choose the softer route. In other words, pair your nice violet lips with black mascara and some rose blush.

Meantime, here are a few purple shades to try this Fall 2009
1. Dior Diorific Lipstick No. 018, Violet Twist, $28, http://www.dior.com/.
2. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick , Yummy Plummy $7.50, http://www.cvs.com/.
3. Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick, Plum Amethyst, $20, http://www.esteelauder.com/.