Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dara Torres' Butt Exercise And Fitness Tips That Work

About a year ago, Beauty Tip Today wrote an article about Olympian swimming champion Dara Torres.

We talked about Dara's rock-solid abs and body at age 42. And one year later, she still maintains that enviable physique by constantly 'moving.'

Here's what we learned in a recent interview with the multiple Olympian medal winner from
"It doesn't have to be a purposeful workout, you just need to get out there and move, even if it's just a brisk daily walk. Exercise not only makes you feel younger, it relieves stress, and you automatically look better. It's a win-win." Dara Torres explains.

And we love that Dara is sharing a super butt exercise with us. We all love a high, round, firm butt. And we all know how hard that is to sculpt after 35. But Dara claims this one will deliver:

"My behind needs a little extra attention, and I swear by this move: Prop a small stability ball up against a wall. Lie on your back facing the ball with your butt against it, arms at sides, feet on ball, knees apart. Lift your butt, hold for a beat as your bring knees together and then lower to start. Do three sets of 15 reps."

We are also including diet tips from Dara Torres from our article last August.

Her favorite meal:
"A mixed green salad, turkey-spinach lasagna, garlic bread and green beans. My favorite cookbook is one I got in college—Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?"

And yeah, you can cheat, Dara says:

"It’s OK to have bites of food that probably aren’t the best for you because that way you won’t deprive yourself and then want more of that food. I eat what I want, when I want, but I exercise so I can do that."

More Dara diet tips here. Check this out:

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