Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kim Kardashian's Best Makeup Pal Is MAC And More MAC

Kim Kardashian and makeup. The two go hand-in-hand. In fact, Kim K loves MAC makeup, and lots of it!

Everyone's been talking about a recent photo of the sexy Hollywood reality TV star, showing the Armenian beauty bare-faced. Kim was snapped in a grocery store. So what? We think she still looks darn good because of excellent bone structure.

Does Kim Kardashian look better with makeup? Well, of course, silly. Every woman looks better with a little foundation, blush, concealer, gloss, and mascara.

So, let's take a long look inside Kim K's makeup bag. These products come straight from her website and fan site.
We interviewed Kim Kardashian about 2 years ago at Beauty Tip Today. Back then, she was gracious to give us her favorite makeup products. And MAC cosmetics made up a large percentage of her beauty repertoire.
And still today, MAC rules in Kim's world:

STEP 1: I always start with a clean face. Then I put on Intuit 'Photo Shoot.' Intuit is a great company and I love the names of their products. Photo Shoot is a make up primer. I put it .. my moisturizer, which basically is like a moisturizer that will fill the pours on your face which will help set the foundation so it will last longer.
STEP 2: I use Cle De Peau concealer stick (it's super expensive, but works for me). It comes in two colors, I use Ocre, which is the darker of the two. I also use M.A.C. concealer (which comes in a little pot) if I run out of Cle de Peau. Everyone's color is different but I use NW25. I put the concealer under my eyes because I absolutely hate dark circles! I also use concealer to cover up blemishes!
STEP 3: After I put the concealer on I put on Make Up Forever liquid foundation. I mix one pump of No. 5 and two pumps of No. 4. I also have No. 3 for the winter time when I am really pale. I mix the foundations to get the perfect color. I blend them with the coolest make up brush. Its the M.A.C. brush No. 180.
STEP 4: Since I hate dark circles, after the foundation, I put on a little more concealer just under my eyes since the foundation makes it darker under my eyes. I use a lighter concealer from M.A.C. NW30 in a little lipstick tube-looking container and I select 'moisture cover.'
STEP 5: To set the foundation I lightly brush on with a big powder brush M.A.C. Select Sheer Pressed Powder NC 30, then to make me a little tanner I lightly brush on M.A.C. Powder NW 45.
STEP 6: Now its blush time! I'm obsessed with blush! I use a color called Gingerly to warm me up and give me a little color and then add a pink color called Cheek to give me rosey cheeks. I just started getting into cream blush and find it works a lot better and lasts a lost longer.
STEP 7: Time for the eyes! My favorite part! I first put down a M.A.C. PaintPainterly. I just use my finder and put enough onto cover the lid. This creamy shadow makes it so that the powder eye shadow does not crease. Like, if you wear make up all day you will see that the eye shadow begins to crease and get oily, but if you put this paint color down first it won't! I love cream shadow and use the color cream pots too! I love colored shadow; so it depends on the color depend of shadow I plan to wear: If it's black smokey I use Carbon by M.A.C.; if its grey smokey I use Knight Divine or Print; if it's brown smokey I use Embark by M.A.C. I love a fresh shimmery look as well and use M.A.C. Pigment called Tan. Its so pretty! I love bright colors for eye make up! I absolutely love Make Up Forever and don't think anyone does pigment colors better than them. So again, depending on what color you feel like wearing, go look at Make Up Forever's colors to choose from.
STEP 8: I always use black pencil eyeliner. My favorite is Stilla black pencil.
STEP 9: Now its mascara time! Putting on mascara completes the look, but I hate it when I mess up and get it on my eye lid and mess up the eye shadow. I used to use Lancome Hypnose, and still do, but I recently started to use M.A.C. Zoom mascara -- which is amazing! I take my time and put coat after coat. I love to layer mascaras so I will probably start with the M.A.C. Zoom and then put Lancome Hypnose on top. I always use a separater brush to separate my lashes. I am completely clueless on how to put false lashes on, so I only wear them for photo shoots sometimes.
STEP 10: The final touch is putting on lipstick! I usually use M.A.C. LiplinerStripdown (I use it very lightly) and a lipstick called Angel and put Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss on top. Or for my very nude matte lip I wear Nars Belle De Jour and I line my lips first with M.A.C. Subculture lipliner.

Wow! We are exhausted. Too much makeup for a 29-year-old woman? Maybe. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Don't Have To Spend Hundreds For Sexy Pair Of Shorts

Shorts. They never really go out of style. But the hot trend for spring and summer are denim and city style. You'll be seeing shorts everywhere, and for every price. The good thing to know in this still-tough economy, is that you don't have to spend $$hundreds$$ for a sexy pair of shorts. Cheap end is alright for the budget fashionista.

Yesterday, we talked about getting our legs in shape for the long, hot days ahead, when major skin is exposed. So, if you've begun your jump-roping routine to sculpt and firm, good for you. Now, let's look at some shorts. The high end shorts are photos 1 and 2. The cheap end shorts are photos 3 and 4.

High end. We hunted down a pair of Chloe High-Waisted Linen Shorts ($1,205, at net-a-porter).

These light brown linen city shorts are gorgeous and come with a detachable tan leather belt. Sold Out, by the way, in sizes 2, 4, and 6.

We also found these cute Medium Blue Wash Jeansshorts by True Religion ($215, at stylebop. These are sexy, classic jeans cut with broad waistband, loops and lateral pockets, featuring very short roll-up legs in moderate width. The bad news----most of the sizes are on back-order.

Cheap end. Don't laugh. We saw these Kmart Khaki City Shorts by Route 66 ($17.99) in Vogue magazine. Yeah, that's right, in a Kmart ad in the famous fashion bible.

These Women's Roll Cuff Twill Shorts are also on sale at the moment, marked down to $13.49 a pair. A great deal. We want a pair.

And then, of course, there's Old Navy. And we found this hot pair of Distressed Cuffed Denim Shorts with the fading, abrading, and paint stains for just $19.50. Gotta love that from Old Navy. Yeah, we'll take a pair, too.

The lesson learned here----you can hunt down the spring and summer fashion trends for a much cheaper price. And we won't tell, if you don't tell.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Get Lovely Legs Ready For Spring Summer Bareness

Lots of leg. On the runway. Red carpet. And it translates to the street.

Legs are on display this spring and summer, as fashion trends dictate. From sexy city shorts to classic dresses, it's time to get our legs in shape.

And there are 3 ways to get lovely legs:
1. Exercise
2. Faking Smooth Skin
3. Cosmetic Surgery

First, let's look at the simplest way to develop a great pair of legs. It's called a jump rope, ladies. And it's one of the best methods to define the shape. Yes, you can sculpt a better pair.

We have written about jumping rope here at Beauty Tip Today in several previous articles.

Jumping rope isn't just for kids. It works every muscle in your body And it's actually an excellent cardio movement for adults, for 3 reasons:
1. Firms legs nicely
2. A super fat burner
3. An overall body exercise

Next, you can fake smooth skin. No more lumps and bumps and pale-looking legs. Yes, a tanned leg is a healthier-looking leg. And you can achieve that without lying in the sun for hours and hours. You can use a self-tanner. And exfoliate the skin before you apply the faux tan, because it goes on smoother and looks more even.

This little trick from Victoria Secret makeup artist Meredith Baraf:
If you have only minutes to get ready for lean and lovely legs, use a fast-drying body lotion bronzer. "This will make legs appear less pastey and blotchy," Meredith

Try Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil ($52, at Sephora, for that healthy, sexy glow.

And lastly, there is always cosmetic surgery to improve the legs, when exercise and cover-up just aren't enough.

We all know about liposuction. It's been around for many years. And it serves a purpose. You can actually shape a better pair of legs, and not just the thighs. Plastic surgeons can slim down the calves and ankles.

Then there are laser treatments for legs, to zap away unattractive spider veins. And the technology here keeps getting better and better each year.

Medical options certainly are not cheap, but can effectively change a woman's legs quickly and with long-lasting results.

There are several more weeks before bikini baring begins. It's time to get our lovely legs on!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Plump And Smooth Out Lines With Estee Lauder's Newest Perfectionist CP+ Wrinkle Filler

Lines and wrinkles. We all end up with a few of them as the years go by. Some women take charge and fight them 'til the end. Others do nothing and accept the 'years of experience.'

But why sit by and just do nothing?! Estee Lauder has the right stuff to plump up and smooth out lines and wrinkles. It's called Perfectionist CP+ Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler ($39.50 at Estee Lauder), and it's the newest beauty weapon in Estee Lauder's Perfectionist skin care line.

Yes, you can fill in the wrinkles. You might not wake up looking like longtime Estee Lauder cover girl Elizabeth Hurley, but your face will thank you. The lines will not disappear, but over time, the Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler will improve the look of wrinkles in just 4 weeks.

Go ahead! Throw your worst deepest wrinkles at the newest Perfectionist CP+ treatment. Laugh lines. Frown lines. Brow lines. Crow's feet. Lip lines. This concentrated formula can soften your worst facial enemies. And we like the way this one targets those pesky lines--it comes in a 15 ml. polymer-tip tube with a precision-tip applicator that provides fool-proof, accurate dispensing.

Just zero in on your wrinkle, and 'fill it in.' Your skin bounces back. The 'filler' instantly plumps and smooths out lines and wrinkles. In fact, the Estee Lauder company says that "100% of women tested, showed an instant reduction."

So, exactly what's in this tiny tube of anti-aging magic? Yes, the tube is small, like a lipstick, but it is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Estee Lauder explains it like so:
exclusive Wrinkle Lift Restructuring Peptides™ to the depth of every wrinkle -— helping skin amplify its natural production of redensifying collagen. Over time, deep wrinkles appear pushed up from within for a younger, smoother, more lineless look.

Okay, so it isn't Botox. But it's instant and does the job. And it costs a lot cheaper.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Eco-Friendly Flip-Flops Fine For Vacation Get-Aways

Flip-Flops. We all love them. And maybe you have several pairs. But do you own a pair of bio-degradable Flip-Flops by Sanuk?

We fell in love with these Rasta Mystic Flip-Flops ($38). They're not only super cute, but eco-friendly, yes, kind to the environment. And after the passing of Earth Day a week ago, we felt it was time to stay in the eco-friendly spirit and shop for something 'green' and stylish.

Let's take a look at the 'ingredients' in this Sanuk flip-flop sandal:

Ultra-Soft, High Rebound Fashion EVA Footbed
Sustainable, Fashionable Strap Design featuring a Hand Woven Upper
Handmade Organic Cotton Rope Upper with Hemp Footbed
Recycled PET Liner
Sustainable Rubber and Cork Outsole
Vegan and Vegetarian

Don't be fooled....this is a strong and very comfortable pair. Great for those vacation get-aways or just hanging out in town.

The Rasta Mystic comes in beige or black, and sizes 5-11. You can buy them here and at dealers like Eastern Mountain Sports.

Sanuk (pronounced sa -nook') makes lots of other cool and globally-kind products. By the way, the company says that SanĂ¼k, "is the Thai word for FUN, our name is also our mantra.
Our goal is to provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed products for the global outdoor community…mostly because we’re part of it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Madonna Does MDG Sunglasses With Dolce & Gabbana

Madonna does MDG, and does it in style!! Check out these hot sunglasses for Dolce & Gabbana. And the good news----the new shades are hitting store shelves in May just in time for summer, ladies. And the MDG eyewear will retail between $248 to $289.

How 'sweet'(dolce) it is for Madonna!

We really like these 'Madge' shades. Classic and sexy from the true icon herself. The 6-pair MDG collection will be available at Dolce & Gabbana stores around the globe, as well as a few select optician's shops, and Sunglass Hut locations in Macy's department stores.

Madge sat down with the famous designers and came up with these beauties. And of course, Dominico and Stefano were excited to collaborate with Madonna to create the sexy summer shades for the Italian design house:

"Designing an eyewear line with Madonna was a new experience for us. The oversized and wraparound designs are sexy and very feminine, like our clothes. Madonna's creative contribution and unique point of view were key, even in designing the MDG logo," the pair explained in a recent press release.

The MDG sunglasses are being distributed by the Luxottica line.

And Madonna isn't stopping at sexy sunglasses. The pop icon is also busy designing her own clothing line called MG Icon. She will start off with her daughter, Lourdes, in mind. First up will be a juniors collection, labeled Material Girl. And it's set to launch exclusively at Macy’s stores and this August. Material Girl fashions will include apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry — all retailing from $12-$40. And the label is in collaboration with the Iconix Brand Group.

Stay tuned, everybody. Looks like the MDG and MG logos are here to stay.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How To Get Sexy Nancy O'Dell Hair With RUSK Product Line

Television's Nancy O'Dell has always had lots and lots of incredible, healthy, sexy hair! And to her credit, Nancy is now the first spokesperson for RUSK Salon products and BaByliss pro.

RUSK, the professional hair care line owned by CONAIR, has its wonderful shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, gels, pastes, volumizers, and hair care tools available at salons around the world. And yes, you can find some of their hair products at a number of online beauty shopping sites.

For instance, we hunted down RUSK Designer Collection's W8less Hairspray Plus, 10 0z. spray can, here for $10.75. It regularly sells for $14 elsewhere.

By the way, this is the RUSK hairspray used on Nancy O'Dell, to give her big, sexy hair lots of volume, hold, and shine. Check out this week's issue of Okay magazine. Nancy shows you her behind-the-scenes beautiful hair tips at a recent RUSK photo shoot.

Nancy O'Dell's blonde locks are simply stunning. The RUSK Salon pros used their signature W8less Flat Iron ($166) to create lovely ribbon curls, which were then wrapped into pin-curls. The result? Tons of waves and major volume.

Nancy O'Dell has been a RUSK fan for years:
"As a busy mom, wife and journalist, I feel I am representative of the many women whom hairstylists across the country see on a daily basis. I know I trust the stylists' opinions about which products to use. And that is how I originally started to use RUSK and now BaByliss Pro," she remarked in a statement.

Here are Nancy O'Dell's favorite RUSK and BaByliss products:
1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium U Styler ($129.99)
2. BaBylissPro NEW Deepshine Oil Protective Oil Treatment 4.2 oz. ($30)
3. BaBylissPro NEW Deepshine Lustre Shine Enhancing Lusterizer 4.4 oz. ($15).
4. Rusk w8less Plus Shaping and Control Hairspray 10 oz. ($14)
5. Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Creme 6 oz. ($13)