Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Don't Have To Spend Hundreds For Sexy Pair Of Shorts

Shorts. They never really go out of style. But the hot trend for spring and summer are shorts.....in denim and city style. You'll be seeing shorts everywhere, and for every price. The good thing to know in this still-tough economy, is that you don't have to spend $$hundreds$$ for a sexy pair of shorts. Cheap end is alright for the budget fashionista.

Yesterday, we talked about getting our legs in shape for the long, hot days ahead, when major skin is exposed. So, if you've begun your jump-roping routine to sculpt and firm, good for you. Now, let's look at some shorts. The high end shorts are photos 1 and 2. The cheap end shorts are photos 3 and 4.

High end. We hunted down a pair of Chloe High-Waisted Linen Shorts ($1,205, at net-a-porter).

These light brown linen city shorts are gorgeous and come with a detachable tan leather belt. Sold Out, by the way, in sizes 2, 4, and 6.

We also found these cute Medium Blue Wash Jeansshorts by True Religion ($215, at stylebop. These are sexy, classic jeans cut with broad waistband, loops and lateral pockets, featuring very short roll-up legs in moderate width. The bad news----most of the sizes are on back-order.

Cheap end. Don't laugh. We saw these Kmart Khaki City Shorts by Route 66 ($17.99) in Vogue magazine. Yeah, that's right, in a Kmart ad in the famous fashion bible.

These Women's Roll Cuff Twill Shorts are also on sale at the moment, marked down to $13.49 a pair. A great deal. We want a pair.

And then, of course, there's Old Navy. And we found this hot pair of Distressed Cuffed Denim Shorts with the fading, abrading, and paint stains for just $19.50. Gotta love that from Old Navy. Yeah, we'll take a pair, too.

The lesson learned here----you can hunt down the spring and summer fashion trends for a much cheaper price. And we won't tell, if you don't tell.

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