Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Get Lovely Legs Ready For Spring Summer Bareness

Lots of leg. On the runway. Red carpet. And it translates to the street.

Legs are on display this spring and summer, as fashion trends dictate. From sexy city shorts to classic dresses, it's time to get our legs in shape.

And there are 3 ways to get lovely legs:
1. Exercise
2. Faking Smooth Skin
3. Cosmetic Surgery

First, let's look at the simplest way to develop a great pair of legs. It's called a jump rope, ladies. And it's one of the best methods to define the shape. Yes, you can sculpt a better pair.

We have written about jumping rope here at Beauty Tip Today in several previous articles.

Jumping rope isn't just for kids. It works every muscle in your body And it's actually an excellent cardio movement for adults, for 3 reasons:
1. Firms legs nicely
2. A super fat burner
3. An overall body exercise

Next, you can fake smooth skin. No more lumps and bumps and pale-looking legs. Yes, a tanned leg is a healthier-looking leg. And you can achieve that without lying in the sun for hours and hours. You can use a self-tanner. And exfoliate the skin before you apply the faux tan, because it goes on smoother and looks more even.

This little trick from Victoria Secret makeup artist Meredith Baraf:
If you have only minutes to get ready for lean and lovely legs, use a fast-drying body lotion bronzer. "This will make legs appear less pastey and blotchy," Meredith

Try Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil ($52, at Sephora, for that healthy, sexy glow.

And lastly, there is always cosmetic surgery to improve the legs, when exercise and cover-up just aren't enough.

We all know about liposuction. It's been around for many years. And it serves a purpose. You can actually shape a better pair of legs, and not just the thighs. Plastic surgeons can slim down the calves and ankles.

Then there are laser treatments for legs, to zap away unattractive spider veins. And the technology here keeps getting better and better each year.

Medical options certainly are not cheap, but can effectively change a woman's legs quickly and with long-lasting results.

There are several more weeks before bikini baring begins. It's time to get our lovely legs on!


Roddy Jones said...

The Jump rope is an excellent idea. I remember when I was younger playing basketball in school besides all the running we use to jump rope. Although I was/am slim my long slim legs had great definition due to jumping rope. Hmmm....guess I need to get back to jumping rope.

J. Tania said...

Hi Roddy:
Thanks for sharing your comments. I agree, too, with jumping rope, and I am going to ease back into a jumping routine shortly. The extra cardio doesn't hurt, either.