Friday, March 2, 2012

DWTS' Cheryl Burke Post Work-Out Secret: Emu Oil Lotion

Just by looking at the photo of Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke, you can see that she has really nice skin. And we were surprised to learn that the amazing dancer is hooked on emu oil lotion. It's her go-to beauty product after a work-out.

We've written about the benefits of emu oil before. But we didn't think the excellent emollient was that well-known. We read that Jenny McCarthy uses it all the time for a facial moisturizer, but we're happy to see that more celebrities are raving about this unique oil, and the many products that can be developed from it.

Emu oil comes from the emu, a large flightless, ostrich-like bird. Maybe not the prettiest animal on the block. But Australian aborigines were said to have discovered the anti-aging benefits of extracting this oil thousands of years ago. And what researchers have come to learn is that there is something in the oil that is compatible to human skin.

Leigh Hopkins, PhD. explained it in this manner. "The fatty acid composition of emu oil is very close to the correct composition of the fats as found in normal, human skin."

Above all, emu oil can make your skin softer and glowing.

Cheryl Burke prefers her emu oil in a lotion form. We found her favorite at the EmuStore for $15.95.

And we can see why the pro dancer loves this stuff. It contains the added benefit of Pure Emu Oil as well as the healing benefits of Mango Butter and Coconut Milk.

"After working out, I put on Emu Oil body lotion. It keeps me really hydrated."

Great beauty tip, Cheryl Burke!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rihanna's $23K Tangled Hair Extensions Emergency In London

What a tangled web we weave, especially when it comes to instant long locks.

Rihanna is not the first celebrity to wear hair extensions, and she certainly won't be the last. Many famous women resort to costly human hair extensions. And although, the look means an incredible head of hair in any color length and texture you dream of, having fake tresses also equals a lot of TLC maintenance.

And here's how the sexy singer from Barbados got in some very expensive trouble.

According to what we've uncovered, Rihanna did the 3 S's yesterday:
Swimming. Steam. Sauna.

The Sun newspaper claims a source said this:
"When she got out, her hair was tangled and matted. She slapped a load of conditioner on but it didn't get through the mass."

Rihanna supposedly panicked, because she was scheduled for a TV appearance the next day, and since she felt uncomfortable going to a salon pro very far away from home, she flew in her own L.A. stylist Ursula Stephen immediately to London.

$23-thousand dollars later, and Rihanna is said to have had an emergency haircut. You can see the black cap she wore to cover the hair disaster.

Unforunately, Rihanna only had the blonde hair for about a month (bottom photos). She had tweeted to her fans that she had her locks bleached blonde for an Elle magazine photo shoot, and that she has a weave.

We have never had hair extensions, but we have learned that these instant hair volumizers can be quite delicate. So, here are a few important tips from to maintaining those new, long locks:

How do I wash them?
Wash the hair in one direction. From top to bottom. Avoid washing hair upside down in the sink. Use shampoos and conditioners that are for dry hair and add the most moisture. Wash hair right after swimming. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part to keep it from shedding or stretching.

Can I swim and go in the ocean?
You may go in swimming pools and hot tubs. Wash hair right after swimming. Avoid getting hair in salt water as the salt can take all the moisture out of the hair and it can tangle. Never braid your hair and go in salt water. It is best to wear it down. Use a leave-in detangler and glossifier after swimming.

Rihanna has had just about every hair color on the planet and hairstyle, too. She's very chameleon-like in how she approaches beauty. She's always unafraid to mix it up and try something new, so we look forward to the superstar's next trendsetting do.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simple Originals Fresh Blossom Body Lotion: Perfectly Pure

16 oz. of body lotion.

You have to admit....That's a generous size. Add to it, the clean scent of a garden, formulate it with 97% naturally-derived ingredients, and you've got Simple Originals Fresh Blossom Body Lotion. Plus, the price is rock-bottom---just $10.99.

Ladies, this is an excellent body lotion full of Shea Butter, Glycerin, Aloe, Green Tea Extract, and Vitamins A, C, and E. We keep it around us at all times, and also use it as a hand lotion. It really softens your skin and smells, simply divine---just like walking through a spring garden.

Morningside LLC is the company that has created the Simple Originals line along with other wonderful natural bath & body care products. Everything is made here in the U.S.A.. And best of all, Morningside LLC is a certified woman-owned business.

Most of us don't really inspect the list of ingredients that are contained in our beauty and body products, but at Morningside, it's all an open book:

1. 97% naturally-derived ingredients
2. Paraben-free
3. PH-balanced
4. Plant-based emollients
5. No artifical color
6. Not tested on animals
7. Recyclable packaging

Morningside products also give back in a big way, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Every Child is an Original Foundation.

To learn more, visit MorningSideProducts.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Try Rubbing On Some Hyaluronic Acid Serum To Copy Celeb Filler Faces

Maybe it's just us, but we barely recognized actress Sandra Bullock on the red carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards.

The Oscar winner always looks lovely, and this time was no exception in her white/black combo Marchesa gown with pretty pony tail. But it was Sandra's face that had us doing a double and triple take.

This was the roundest we had ever seen the actress' usually angular-featured face. Even her lips appeared to have grown.

Has Sandra Bullock given in to the latest celebrity filler face?!

At age 47, she looks incredible. But we have to reason, that the dark-haired beauty has been doing a little something to stay hot in the Hollywood game. And to our humble eye, we suspect it to be injectable volumizer(s).

That takes us to the subject of Hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your skin, but slowly disappears as we get older.

The beauty of hyaluronic acid is its amazing properties, such as this--It holds more water than any other natural substance (over 1000 times its weight in water).

And cosmetic fillers like Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm are made from Hyaluronic acid. These skin plumpers can add lots of volume to hollow faces---making cheeks and temples and even undereye sockets fuller.

The cost is not cheap. Expect to shell out anywhere from $350-$800 per syringe. And you could need 1-6 syringes. Results last about 6 months or longer.

But you can still copy the celeb filler faces you love, by investing in a little topical Hyaluronic acid serum. You won't get as full-faced as Sandra Bullock, but---you will get smooth, glowing skin that plumps up in a natural, healthy way.

We found a bottle at Platinum Skin Care for $28.95. This is a company with a solid reputation. We have bought their skin care products several times with our own money. We trust Platinum Skin Care.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars Memo 2012: How To Get A Fab Butt Like Lopez And Diaz


You either adored the infamous Lopez/Diaz butt shot at last night's 84th Academy Awards Show, or found it distasteful and possibly a tad vulgar or arrogant. But, hey......It was a long-ggggg Oscars 2012 evening, and we thought it was great!

Let's face it.....Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz have 2 of the best butts in Hollywood, so, why not?! And even more amazing, these girls are no longer in their 20s. Jennifer is 42 and Cameron is 39.

We had big butt and little butt on display here. And both are as fine as the other. In other words, both stars are embracing their body shapes, and we admire that. Cameron Diaz is tall and slender, while Jennifer Lopez is short and curvy.

Sure, genetics play a key role in how our rear ends are shaped, but you CAN enhance your butt with some good, old-fashioned exercise. And if you think that both J.Lo and Cameron don't work out, then you are a fool.

We gave out a super butt-toning exercise last month you can do, that promises to work wonders:

Andie Hecker, a former New York City ballerina-turned Hollywood trainer, has this move for a toned booty:

The Butt Blaster
Stand with your torso upright, hands resting on a countertop or chair back. Lift one leg behind you as high as you can, while keeping your hips square to the front, and pulse up 50 times

Not easy to do, but, er butt, this little exercise will do wonders in no time.

And oh yeah, J.Lo did have a nip-slip last night while she and Cameron were presenting an award on stage in front of millions. So, maybe it was best they finally turned their backs and butts to the masses....LOL

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Beauty Budget Buy Of The Day!

Who doesn't love a glam animal print? Especially, when it's the classic leopard?

We've found a very nice traveling makeup bag by Forever 21 for the beauty budget buy of just $8.80!

It's a roomy cosmetics bag that measures 7.5" H x 10" W x 3.5" D. And it's fully lined in black with a zipper enclosure and convenient short, black handle.

We think the makeup bag is cute and can tote a lot of your cosmetics necessities and do it very well on the cheap.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meow!! Look What Hello Kitty Is Up To

Blotting papers.

Some of us use them, and some of us do not.

But if you want to freshen up your complexion ASAP, then blotting papers are great to carry around in your makeup bag. These little oil absorbing sheets zap away excess oil and can re-freshen the cosmetics you had put on several hours ago.

Clean & Clear asked Hello Kitty to step in and scratch out some beauty ideas, and look what that adorable puss came up with:

Hello Kitty Oil Absorbing Sheets (Limited Edition) for just $4.99. You get a super-cute packet containing 50 polka dot sheets. You can find them at your neighborhood Target and Walmart stores.

The cutie-pie Japanese cartoon of Hello Kitty has been around the beauty business since 1976, so she definitely knows what she's doing. And these blotting papers do a decent job of mopping up all the oiliness and gunk without ruining your makeup.

And if you've never tried oil absorbant sheets, you're really missing out, because in a pinch, these little papers do a world of good.