Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meow!! Look What Hello Kitty Is Up To

Blotting papers.

Some of us use them, and some of us do not.

But if you want to freshen up your complexion ASAP, then blotting papers are great to carry around in your makeup bag. These little oil absorbing sheets zap away excess oil and can re-freshen the cosmetics you had put on several hours ago.

Clean & Clear asked Hello Kitty to step in and scratch out some beauty ideas, and look what that adorable puss came up with:

Hello Kitty Oil Absorbing Sheets (Limited Edition) for just $4.99. You get a super-cute packet containing 50 polka dot sheets. You can find them at your neighborhood Target and Walmart stores.

The cutie-pie Japanese cartoon of Hello Kitty has been around the beauty business since 1976, so she definitely knows what she's doing. And these blotting papers do a decent job of mopping up all the oiliness and gunk without ruining your makeup.

And if you've never tried oil absorbant sheets, you're really missing out, because in a pinch, these little papers do a world of good.