Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars Memo 2012: How To Get A Fab Butt Like Lopez And Diaz


You either adored the infamous Lopez/Diaz butt shot at last night's 84th Academy Awards Show, or found it distasteful and possibly a tad vulgar or arrogant. But, hey......It was a long-ggggg Oscars 2012 evening, and we thought it was great!

Let's face it.....Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz have 2 of the best butts in Hollywood, so, why not?! And even more amazing, these girls are no longer in their 20s. Jennifer is 42 and Cameron is 39.

We had big butt and little butt on display here. And both are as fine as the other. In other words, both stars are embracing their body shapes, and we admire that. Cameron Diaz is tall and slender, while Jennifer Lopez is short and curvy.

Sure, genetics play a key role in how our rear ends are shaped, but you CAN enhance your butt with some good, old-fashioned exercise. And if you think that both J.Lo and Cameron don't work out, then you are a fool.

We gave out a super butt-toning exercise last month you can do, that promises to work wonders:

Andie Hecker, a former New York City ballerina-turned Hollywood trainer, has this move for a toned booty:

The Butt Blaster
Stand with your torso upright, hands resting on a countertop or chair back. Lift one leg behind you as high as you can, while keeping your hips square to the front, and pulse up 50 times

Not easy to do, but, er butt, this little exercise will do wonders in no time.

And oh yeah, J.Lo did have a nip-slip last night while she and Cameron were presenting an award on stage in front of millions. So, maybe it was best they finally turned their backs and butts to the masses....LOL

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What great BUTTS!