Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Get Jen Aniston's Golden Globes Hair With Living Proof

Jennifer Aniston's hair always looks like she didn't have to try so hard to get it right. Her sexy, almost casual hairstyle is adored by most women. The newly engaged actress recently became a spokesperson and co-owner of the Living Proof haircare brand.

 So, yeah....She really uses the products on that famous mane.

There's Jen at the People's Choice Awards Show earlier in the week.

If you desire healthy, shine, sexy hair like Jen's, then maybe the (living) proof' is in the pudding, as they say.

Today we're looking at Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($20, at Sephora. This is a wonderful product that aims to ex-xxxxtend your hairstyle 2X longer. That means you don't have to wash your hair the next day.

The formula isn't heavy or greasy. In fact, Prime Style Extender detangles, gives great texture and keeps good memory for yesterday's do.

If Living Proof is amazing for Jen's hair....then maybe it can do wonders for yours and ours!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stock Up On Blue Eyeshadow Now: It's Hot In Spring 2013!

We have to admit.....electric blue eyeshadow never looked better! You might as well buy some now....It's going to be a HOT beauty trend in Spring 2013.

NYFW had this all over the runways for spring, including Jeremy Scott(photo#1), Versus(photo#2), Anna Sui and a lot of others. A blue smokey eye is gorgeous but looks kind of tricky to both apply and pull off.

Okay, maybe you wouldn't wear this for a day look, but for nighttime outings, this is high glam and sophisticated.

To get a little beauty guidance, take a look at this YouTube demo by missmai27. The bold blue shadow is NOT for the faint-of-heart.

Will you be rockin' the blue smokey eye look come spring? Don't worry....You have the entire winter to think about it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Make Mine Modalu! Middleton Ladies Love A Great Grab Bag!

Looking for a great new handbag, one that looks royally chic and sophisticated?

Then try the Modalu label. It's the go-to grab bag for all 3 Middleton ladies--Pippa, Duchess Kate, and Mama Middleton!

In U.S. dollars, that beautiful croc bag, the Pippa Grab will run you $308.39, to be exact. It's a gorgeous handbag:
Double grab handles
Branded Modalu hardware
Two front zip pockets
Three main zip sections
Modalu lining- Feet on base- Modalu dust bag
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as the saying goes. There's Mama Carole Middleton and Pippa with their matching Modalu handbags today, as they head to the National Portrait Gallery, to see the Duchess of Cambridge's official portrait.

Some might see the Pippa Grab as a stuffy, old lady bag, but we find it quite classic and elegant.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

White-Hot Taylor Swift Debuts Big Girl Sexy Gown At People's Choice Awards

Taylor Swift, you have never looked so amazing!

Hands down,  the singing superstar won best-dressed at the annual 'People's Choice Award' show last evening!

Okay, that's just our humble opinion. But you have to admit, the girl stood out from a large group of Hollywood's finest.

Taylor Swift at 22-years-old slipped into her big girl white, sexy gown with the bold, plunging neckline and stole the show!

Check out the gorgeous smoky brown eye(or deep bronze-y shadow) + nude lip combo, and those striking turquoise chandeliers.

Gone were the blunt bangs and long, wavy hair. This time, Taylor opted for an elegant, complicated braided bun. Tres chic!

We haven't been able to snag the label on that white hot gown. Looks like it could be a classic Ralph Lauren number, along with the southwestern turquoise earrings.

We are sure about one thing: it's Taylor's talent and huge popularity.

She also took home the People's Choice Award for Favorite Country Artist!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kardashian Sisters Khroma Beauty Line--A Katastrophe?!

For the 3 glamorous K sisters who admit they pile on the makeup, one would expect  the brand new Kardashian Kroma Beauty line to be pretty spectacular, but according to some cosmetics critics, the products appear to be sub-par.


We have NOT tried the Kroma Beauty collection yet, so we cannot personally judge the merits of the makeup, but we CAN give you the opinions of all the other ladies who have bought and put on the new makeup launched by those kute reality star sisters---Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe.

We want to LOVE Khroma, but it seems the beauty brand already needs an overhaul.

We found the cosmetics line at ULTA. We took a look at all the customer reviews, and a number of buyers were disappointed the makeup line wasn't a lot better, in packaging, usage, and appearance.

Khloe's Kardazzle Face Palette ($12.99) is a fave, according to the thumbs up by ULTA purchasers. The natural-look palette got 3.9* out of 5*. And you get all this in one small, convenient compact:

Top-level holds 8 eye shadows, 4 matte and 4 shimmer ranging from Ivory Cream to Taupe to Chocolate.
Bottom level contains Cheerful Cheek color, Luminous Highlighter, and Sunlit Bronzer.

You-Tube demos are showing a lot of Khroma Beauty makeup applications. We found a very good demo by a sincere and talented makeup pro, emilynoel83. She tested out the Khroma Beauty SheBang Eye Transormation Kit, and only adored the set of false lashes that come with it.

Check out emilynoel83's critique here.

If you LOVE new Khroma Beauty line, please tell us below!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stand Up And Lace Up To Military Style For Winter 2013

A little military-inspired style will earn you 5 stars***** in the world of fashion this winter.

And no....You don't have to dress up like a full-fledged paratrooper to make your style statement. Just an awesome, kick-butt pair of urban combat boots will get you noticed.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Nicky Hilton like to complement their miltary booties  with sleek black leggings or classic skinny jeans.

You CAN spend hundreds of $$$ on the perfect combat boot, or you CAN spend less than $20 for a nice vegan leather pair with gold studs.

We found a pair of Brown Faux Leather Lace Up Studded Combat Boots at AmiClubwear on SALE for $32.99! Add the PROMO CODE--- 40SALE0107, and pick up these combat boots for LESS than $20!! That's right---for $19.79, to be exact.

The wonderful thing about military-inspired clothing + accessories is the concept of function and durability. These army boots can take you many miles and stand up to all the meanness the streets have to offer in the way of weather, grime, obstacles, and so forth.

Plus.....these army combat boots rock!!.

There's something sexy about the lace-up rugged boot.

Semper fi, ladies!

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Cellulite Treatment For Battling Bumpy Dimpled Fat In 2013

We always look forward to a new year, because brand new beauty products begin to pop up on store shelves. And at the moment, we are excited about a Swiss cellulite cream that Saks Fifth Ave. is introducing.

No, it isn't cheap, but then again, most strong beauty formulas are not. In fact, Saks printed this little statement below the $219 pricetag for Cellcosmet Cellulite-XT-M:


What's so amazing about this expensive cellulite cream?

The unique formula is excellent for ALL ages + skin types. Plus, the ingredients are very advanced in the way of beauty science, including phyto-and bio- complexes.

..."This cutting-edge, maintenance treatment cream directly attacks the causes of cellulite. Its bio-active complex with soja phyto-sterols:
•Helps keep enzyme responsible for cellulite under control
 •Helps prevent production of fatty lumps
•Leaves skin restructured, smoothed, strengthened
•Hypoallergenic, formulated to minimize risk allergic reactions."

We have all learned that cellulite is normal and on MOST female bodies. The bad news is that you CANNOT get rid of cellulite permanently....BUT---you CAN prevent the dimpled fat from getting worse, and you CAN prevent new cellulite from forming.

And hopefully, this is what Cellcosmet aims to do. 

For further details, click here.