Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Get Jen Aniston's Golden Globes Hair With Living Proof

Jennifer Aniston's hair always looks like she didn't have to try so hard to get it right. Her sexy, almost casual hairstyle is adored by most women. The newly engaged actress recently became a spokesperson and co-owner of the Living Proof haircare brand.

 So, yeah....She really uses the products on that famous mane.

There's Jen at the People's Choice Awards Show earlier in the week.

If you desire healthy, shine, sexy hair like Jen's, then maybe the (living) proof' is in the pudding, as they say.

Today we're looking at Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($20, at Sephora. This is a wonderful product that aims to ex-xxxxtend your hairstyle 2X longer. That means you don't have to wash your hair the next day.

The formula isn't heavy or greasy. In fact, Prime Style Extender detangles, gives great texture and keeps good memory for yesterday's do.

If Living Proof is amazing for Jen's hair....then maybe it can do wonders for yours and ours!