Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kardashian Sisters Khroma Beauty Line--A Katastrophe?!

For the 3 glamorous K sisters who admit they pile on the makeup, one would expect  the brand new Kardashian Kroma Beauty line to be pretty spectacular, but according to some cosmetics critics, the products appear to be sub-par.


We have NOT tried the Kroma Beauty collection yet, so we cannot personally judge the merits of the makeup, but we CAN give you the opinions of all the other ladies who have bought and put on the new makeup launched by those kute reality star sisters---Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe.

We want to LOVE Khroma, but it seems the beauty brand already needs an overhaul.

We found the cosmetics line at ULTA. We took a look at all the customer reviews, and a number of buyers were disappointed the makeup line wasn't a lot better, in packaging, usage, and appearance.

Khloe's Kardazzle Face Palette ($12.99) is a fave, according to the thumbs up by ULTA purchasers. The natural-look palette got 3.9* out of 5*. And you get all this in one small, convenient compact:

Top-level holds 8 eye shadows, 4 matte and 4 shimmer ranging from Ivory Cream to Taupe to Chocolate.
Bottom level contains Cheerful Cheek color, Luminous Highlighter, and Sunlit Bronzer.

You-Tube demos are showing a lot of Khroma Beauty makeup applications. We found a very good demo by a sincere and talented makeup pro, emilynoel83. She tested out the Khroma Beauty SheBang Eye Transormation Kit, and only adored the set of false lashes that come with it.

Check out emilynoel83's critique here.

If you LOVE new Khroma Beauty line, please tell us below!


Hallee said...

I haveto agree with the Youtube lady. The faux lashes are pretty decent! I wore mine to work and everyone complemented me on them.

Anonymous said...

I LUV KHLOE's kit. The colors are very nice!I bought another to have as an extra,

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