Saturday, December 7, 2013

Want A VS Angel Body Like Adriana Lima? Then Get A Jump Rope!

We always thought that sexy bodies like VS angel Adriana Lima's was 99% pure genetics + good luck.'

But we must admit---that girl works her behind off in a grueling fast-moving session.

So if you want a VS angel body, then get a jump rope, NOW!

Of course, it helps if you have a super trainer by your side. In Adriana's case it is Michael Olajide, Jr. She's worked with him for 6 years now, and it REALLY shows.

"With two little girls, it can be tough to find time to go to the gym," Adriana
 told Self magazine. "Jumping rope is something I can easily do at home -- I try and squeeze it in during my daughters' naptime!"

Good for her. Jumping rope isn't just for kids. It's actually an excellent cardio movement for adults, for 3 reasons:

1. A super fat burner
2. Firms your legs nicely
3. An overall body exercise

We also love jumping rope because it's not that hard to do. You don't need much equipment. You can also do the exercise privately. Or you can jump rope with the family. Everyone can have fun and participate. You can jump rope indoors and outdoors.

Here's Adriana's work-out. And yeah....she REALLY is doing all the hard work!

Check her out here!

Don't forget---the 2013 Victoria Secret's Fashion Show will be on CBS, next Tuesday, 10PM.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Kate Middleton Wows In $35 Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace At Mandela Premiere

You've got to hand it to Kate Middleton. She's a smart, savvy, modern-day princess, or (duchess, to be exact).

We caught a quick glimpse of her lovely ensemble at the UK red carpet movie premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom last evening.

Kate + William were unaware that the beloved + iconic leader had just passed away.

Kate looked royally great in a long-sleeved ivory Roland Mouret gown. But what truly caught our eye, was her FAB- less than $36 necklace from Zara. It sells for $35.90, to be exact.

We went to the Zara website, found the striking collar necklace, and tried to add one to our shopping bag. Unfortunately, we believe the Kate necklace is already SOLD OUT!

Maybe you could try later. If Zara is smart, the company will quickly re-stock for the holiday season.

Let's face it---this cheap necklace looks like it came from the Queen's private collection.

Makes for a wonderful stocking stuffer! If you can find one.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Big-Busted VS Models? More Like Great, Padded Bras

We were talking with a friend yesterday, who remarked how BIG-busted all the VS models are.


Are you crazy, we asked?!

Those are just great, padded bras they wear. And to prove it, we have the AFTER shots from the recent 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

And as you can see, these amazing, gorgeous models are very slender with barely what you would call, big boobs.

We think these VS angels look as stunning without the major padding.
By the way, the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be televised next Tuesday, December 10th, 10PM on CBS.

We know your partner will most likely be tuning in.

Here are a few pics(below) from the 2013 VS Fashion Show.

And check out how BIG their bosoms have 'instantly grown' for the runway:
The beauty lesson here?

NEVER underestimate the value of a well-fitting, push-up bra.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Supermodel Cookies For Christmas? Iman Gives Them To Friends

From one supermodel to another, perhaps?

Where have we been?

We've just heard about Karlie's Kookies. Yes....supermodel Karlie Kloss has her own line of yummy cookies, and they're vegan-friendly, too.

The interesting aspect of this---supermodel Iman LOVES giving out Karlie's Kookies to friends for the holidays.

So let's take a peek:

Karlie's Kookies are very healthy for you. Just check out the ingredients:

almond flour
dark chocolate chips
agave, and olive oil

Iman tells Harper's Bazaar, that Karlie's Kookies make for excellent holiday gifts.

Okay....these delicious snacks are NOT cheap.

A gift tin of 6 cookies
will set you back $22.

BUT-----there is a good reason to buy these yummy tins of Karlie's Kookies, because "a portion of the proceeds for each tin of kookies is donated to feed, to help provide nutritious meals to those in need."

Now, if we get on the Karlie Kloss Kookie diet, can we have her supermodel body?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Can Full, Bold Brows Ever Be Too Much Of A Good Thing? Yes, Sofia Vergara!

Okay. We don't want to sound snarky here. Yes, Sofia Vergara is gorgeous, curvy + sexy!

But today, we are talking about brows-----and brows that are too full + bold. Is there such a thing?!

Well, yes.

We thought we were the only one that dislikes the talented Latina beauty's brows.

In our humble opinion, Sofia's brows are TOO much of a good thing. And a lot of women feel the same way, because we have read plenty of comments about her eyebrows.

There---we got it off our, er, small chest.

So, aren't full, healthy eyebrows flattering? Yes! But when the brows are TOO thick, then it's REALLY alright to do a little grooming.

Here is a recent photo of the Colombian bombshell with super full, bold brows.

Now here are pics of Sofia as a dark brunette several years ago.

Look at her brows--full, but not overly thick.

Okay, the breasts kind of draw attention away from the face, but you get what we mean.

If you need a little plucking, try a Tweezerman Brow Grooming Kit. But tweeze conservatively!

Monday, December 2, 2013

How To Get A Super Toned Butt Like Jada Pinkett Smith

We're jealous.

We just saw a photo of 42-year-old Jada Pinkett Smith enjoying a little sun + surf in gorgeous Hawaii.

We were all talking about the actress' bizarre side-cut hairstyle a few weeks ago. But what we should really be chatting about is Jada's amazing butt.
Oh, yeah. The proud mom-of-two was parading her great figure in a couple of sexy bikinis. And she has a super toned butt. Period.

So, we all know it isn't easy maintaining a fine behind after age 30, but we can all 'build' a better butt with some exercise discipline that targets the caboose.

Andie Hecker, a former New York City ballerina-turned Hollywood trainer, has this exercise for a toned booty:
The Butt Blaster
Stand with your torso upright, hands resting on a countertop or chair back. Lift one leg behind you as high as you can, while keeping your hips square to the front, and pulse up 50 times.

Not easy to do, but, er butt, this little exercise will do wonders in no time.

For more information, visit BalletBodies.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

OPI And Sandy Hook Green: It's A Beautiful Message For The Holidays!

The new shade is called, Sandy Hook Green. And we can't think of a more fitting message for the holidays.

BRAVO to nail polish giant, OPI, and their fab way of introducing a gorgeous green shade that is perfect for the holidays, and at the same time, honors the children + teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

This enviable shade of green guarantees a stunning manicure/pedicure.

And best of all, Sandy Hook Green makes for a wonderful stocking stuffer!!

It's a limited edition offer that is FREE with a $26 donation that will "help provide immediate and long-term aid to the Newtown community and allow SHP to continue our work advocating for change by promoting an open dialogue about mental wellness, community connectedness and gun safety."

Let's get into the spirit of peace, love and goodwill!

For all the gorgeous green details, click here.