Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kendall Jenner Going Gray + Not Afraid To Show It: In Fashion, That Is!

Gray is such a ho-hum color for some, but for the HOT model-of-the-moment, gray has become Kendall Jenner's signature fashion shade. And she looks lovely!
Gray is a neutral. It can be paired with most any color and look FAB!

Plus, gray is a classic fashion shade. It is ALWAYS right and elegant played up or down.

Take a look at Kim Kardashian's baby sister ruling the outdoor runway, if you will.

Kendall's going gray and NOT afraid to show it!

To COPY Kendall's GRAY Midi Dress, try this one for ONLY $16 at in charcoal.

Gray = simple, chic + flawless.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Red Lip Gloss On July 4th: So Pretty + Patriotic!

Red lipstick is NOT always easy to pull off, but you have to admit, a woman with glamorous, red lips is a head-turner.

Maybe that's why so-ooooo many celebrities like to WOW on the red carpet with a scarlet pout.

Considering that today is July 4th, why not be BOTH pretty + patriotic with a pair of red lips!

Red lip gloss is a bit more subtle. And we can ALL wear the bold shade:

Blondes like Taylor Swift look CHIC with scarlet lips.
Redheads like Julianne Moore look smokin' hot with a red pout.

And Brunettes like Kendall Jenner look fierce with a smile framed in the bright shade:

Here's a striking RED lip Gloss to try from Butter London, Come to Bed Red ($18, Nordstrom).

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sleek, Solid Gold Nails: Kylie Jenner Turns Up Summer Bling

Out of all the K + J sisters, it is Kylie + Khloe who truly LOVE getting a mani.

The close duo have been rockin' all kinds of cool nail looks lately, and this one just happened to catch our eye:


Wow! Check out Kylie Jenner's sleek talons. Very GLAM.

We think this is a beautiful manicure for a special evening out. You can't take your eyes off the sleek, solid gold bling.

Kylie is very fashion forward; so she's up on all the trends.

And f you are heart-ing this sexy mani, you can COPY the metallic look here.


We found a bottle at for  $30.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Want A Flatter Belly? Swing Your Way With A Kettlebell

We've been seeing this little exercise over + over again these days. Usually done with an 8-10 lb. kettlebell (for ladies), although you could also hold the same poundage in a dumbbell and swing away.

Her ABS are insane!!

And if you keep swingin'---you will SEE a FLATTER belly!

The exercise movement features a 2-arm swing.

To get an excellent breakdown on how to properly SWING a kettlebell and how to POSTURE your body, read this at

The swinging kettlebell targets the core as explains:

"A new study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that using the weighted orb boosted participants' core strength by 70% after only 8 weeks. The kettlebell's odd shape distributes weight unevenly, so when you swing it, you automatically engage your core to keep proper alignment. "

This swing is TIRING.....NOT as easy as it might appear, but it BURNS calories and TIGHTENS the belly.

We've been doing it for about 2-weeks now with a 7 lb. dumbbell, and it is CHALLENGING!

 So SWING, ladies, SWING!!

 Check out this YOUTUBE vid by ZuzkaLight on the Kettlebell Swing!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Looking For Super Soft + Shiny Hair? Try This $1 Leave-In-Treatment!

We like going into the Dollar Tree store. We stock up on Bazooka bubble gum, candy like YUMMY unknown gummy bears, etc.

We happened to bump into the shampoo aisle and noticed the Infusium hair care line. What captured our eye was a 16 oz. bottle of Infusium 23 Color Defender Leave-in-Treatment.

At, the same bottle costs $11.30, BUT....ONLY $1 at Dollar Tree.

If you are looking to SHINE UP dull tresses and make hair super soft and tangle-free, then MASSAGE this watery treatment into wet or dry hair.

We LOVE the watery, thin feeling of this product. We hate OILY leave-in-treatments . And this one works---SHINE, SOFTNESS ...but does it PROTECT color-treated hair from FADING? Not sure.... How exactly would that work?

This is not a VOLUME-builder, but if you are a day between shampoos, this allows your locks to look clean + healthy.
We are NOT certain this product is still in the Infusium line-up at drugstores,  maybe this is just now farmed out to the Dollar Tree chain, but it does create pretty shine, and let's face it.....we all LOVE hair that has that megawatt brightness.

Hey, for a buck, what do you have to lose, ladies?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cindy Crawford Steps Out In Great Style With Cognac Peep Toe Booties

Maybe it's her supermodel style + beauty, but Cindy Crawford really knows how to wear a pair of peep toe booties....And yeah, the flowing coral dress is SEXY, too.

There's the iconic model at age 49, putting all others to shame, as she steps out for dinner in Malibu.

Gotta LOVE the cognac, peep-toe booties!

Of course, Cindy always looks GLAM + flawless with perfect, wavy hair + makeup.

Peep toe booties are HOT on trend as Cindy shows us here.

You can dress them UP or DOWN, and these shoes look FAB, even with a very feminine, soft flowing dress like Cindy has on. Even though the peep toe bootie is chunky, it works in a number of ways.


You can COPY Cindy's stylish footwear. Peep toe booties are everywhere this summer. We found TONS of them at

Look at this pair ($37.99).

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chambray Shirtdress Hot For Summer: Kylie, Anne + Katie Wearing

Everyone LOVES denim + chambray. It's an American classic! And it happens to be a HOT fashion staple for summer in the form of the comfy, stylish shirtdress.

Chambray VS. Denim.....

There is a difference. Just remember that chambray is a lighter fabric cousin of denim, although both chambray + denim seem to be used interchangeably.

Celebs have been looking GLAM in the chambray shirtdress all spring + heading into summer.

Take a look. Here are Kylie Jenner, Anne Hathaway + Katie Holmes:

You can COPY this trend for cheap. We found this one at Target for $22.49 in sizes---xsmall, small, medium, large + xxlarge.

Great look for summer---comfy, easy, breezy.