Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Want A Flatter Belly? Swing Your Way With A Kettlebell

We've been seeing this little exercise over + over again these days. Usually done with an 8-10 lb. kettlebell (for ladies), although you could also hold the same poundage in a dumbbell and swing away.

Her ABS are insane!!

And if you keep swingin'---you will SEE a FLATTER belly!

The exercise movement features a 2-arm swing.

To get an excellent breakdown on how to properly SWING a kettlebell and how to POSTURE your body, read this at

The swinging kettlebell targets the core as explains:

"A new study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that using the weighted orb boosted participants' core strength by 70% after only 8 weeks. The kettlebell's odd shape distributes weight unevenly, so when you swing it, you automatically engage your core to keep proper alignment. "

This swing is TIRING.....NOT as easy as it might appear, but it BURNS calories and TIGHTENS the belly.

We've been doing it for about 2-weeks now with a 7 lb. dumbbell, and it is CHALLENGING!

 So SWING, ladies, SWING!!

 Check out this YOUTUBE vid by ZuzkaLight on the Kettlebell Swing!

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Seraya said...

I will try this at the gym. I never pick up the kettleballs but I am so anxious to try it. The video helped show the form I need to try this.. Thank you. I need to tighten my core. Had a baby last uear and really trying to get my body back.