Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Have Cellulite? Even Famous Celebrities Have It.....

We were thinking today about our dear mom, who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago.
Our mom BARELY had ANY cellulite. How could that be?!

We admit, we fall into the huge percentile of women with cellulite. At least 85% of us have this dimpled fat.

We are tall + slender and in decent shape.....and STILL, we have some, too. Not a boatload, but enough to silently cringe at.

We used to think that pro athletes did NOT have cellulite, but we were so wrong.

Check out one of the greatest tennis players in the world---Serena Williams....Yup, she has it, too.

And then there is sexy Amber Rose, who used to be an exotic dancer and works out routinely

Here she is yesterday at Trinidad Carnival.

Lastly, there is iconic model Cindy Crawford with both cellulite + stretch marks before fashion photoshopping. These are natural pics.

The point of this post is to FEEL good about your own body.

No one is perfect, not even sexy celebrities.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Have You Tried Demi Lovato's New Makeup Line from NYC: Under $5 Each

We happen to LOVE NYC or New York Color cosmetics, when we can hunt it down.

Yes, it's SUPER cheap, but sometimes that is alright!

So.......Have you tried Demi Lovato's new NYC Lovatics by Demi makeup line yet?

ALL under $5! Except the eye shadow kit is $6.99, from what we have seen. But STILL a great line to give a shot.

Mascara, shadow, brow pencil, cheek + lip tint----it's worth trying.

Demi is such a major star---so grounded + cute.

The line is available now at Target and Walmart.

 We even love NYC's New York Color Dual Pencil Sharpener for $5. Great eye pencil sharpener---lasts forever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

John Frieda New Root Blur Powder For Covering Up Annoying Roots

When it comes to touching up roots, some of you ignore them until you can get to your stylist for a new coloring.

Then, there are many of us who are do-it-yourselfers and touch up our roots with the quick fix.

We like using  a brush on root touch-up in a tube. This works well as far as applying + matching color base, but we wish there were a longer-lasting product.

John Frieda has launched a NEW root touch up called, Root Blur, which we found at ULTA for $19.99.

It resembles a foundation kit, complete with a brush. It's in a powder form and appears to grip the strands well.

So...does it work effectively to HIDE annoying roots?

For dark-haired gals, maybe NOT so much, because it doesn't cover strands completely.

Watch this YouTube vid by Michele Yusufi demonstrating Root Blur.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Argan Oil Youthful Serum? Catherine Zeta Jones Claims So

At 46, Catherine Zeta Jones appears ageless. And like most Hollywood lovelies, she's NOT going to give out ALL her beauty secrets......But--- Catherine is dishing on one must-have skin care miracle:

ARGAN oil.

Argan oil can be used on the face, hair + body.

The stunning Academy award winner claims her complexion is very dry, so this exotic oil helps SAVE it, along with drinking a lot of water.

Hmmmm....Catherine recently told the media, that she "saturates" her gorgeous face in the oil.

So.....is argan oil as great as a face lift?

No, but as a natural product, it's a good one to lend moisture to the skin. It is chock full of Vitamin E and fatty acids.

Plus, you can apply a small amount to hair to coat strands for softness +  a silky texture. It tames frizzies.

We suggest this from MyChelle Dermaceuticals at LuckyVitamin.com on SALE for $11.60.

A little argan oil goes a long way.

A great, budget beauty buy, especially during the cold, dry winter months.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Twitter Blasts Fox's Megyn Kelly For Being Glam And Smart At GOP Debate

What's wrong with being both glam and smart?

Apparently, lots of folks on social media don't like the lethal combination.

Poor Fox TV's Megyn Kelly can't find a break these days.

People took to Twitter last night to poke fun at the blonde newscaster's overly LONG LASHES.

Some television viewers of last evening's Trump-less GOP debate had an issue with Megyn's alleged faux lashes. Many were distracted....like this funny dork:

Oh, brother. So, you can't be both smart and pretty?

How ridiculous. Leave Megyn Kelly alone!

Most women on TV DO wear faux lashes for extra definition to eyes.

If TV titan Oprah can wear false lashes, then why can't newscaster Megyn Kelly put them on?!

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian once canceled a public event after her makeup artist forgot to bring the faux lashes along for the trip..  LOL...

By the way....we are NOT taking political or TV network sides here.

We think there's some jealousy going on.

Wish we knew the brand Megyn was wearing last evening, but we do not.

But...here are some great lash fakes to try on. These are super popular and cost only $4!

ARDELL Natural Lash - Black 120, found here at ULTA.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Keratin For Smoother, Healthier, Coated Hair Strands

The beauty of keratin is in its wonderful healing properties.

Keratin is found in your hair, skin, nails and teeth. Our hair strands are made of these protein fibers. And when your keratin composition is depleted or weakened, your hair, skin, nails and teeth, can show the difference.

That is why we have all heard about the importance of getting enough protein in our diets. Without it, there is dullness, split ends, hair breakage, hair loss and other ugly results.

Keratin in shampoos, conditioners + leave-in treatments all NOURISH hair with body-building ingredients that effectively repair damaged locks, protecting against further breakage and adding shine and elasticity to every strand.

Here is a CULT fave to try:
it's a 10 miracle leave-in plus keratin 4 oz. 

Okay, a bit pricey at $21, a bottle, found at Walgreens + $20 at ULTA, but we did some hunting and found the same ounce bottle for just 12.52 + FREE shipping at Amazon!

Yes...we just purchased a bottle there. We're going to try this.

We have been using a keratin-enriched shampoo--Keratin Smooth by TRESemme for the past 2 weeks and it has helped tremendously.

The ONLY downside to keratin products is the TOO flat appearance it can give. It does a SUPER job coating strands with healthy protein, but can make hair almost too sleek.

However, you can add other volumizers to boost height.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New "Tin Man" GravityMud Face Mask Promises Firm, Supple Skin

You remember the iconic SILVER Tin Man in the classic "Wizard of Oz" movie?

Well, this incredible beauty product reminds us of the smooth silver essence he symbolized.

This new GravityMud face mask by GlamGlow is a firming treatment, and we like that!

Here is how the company describes it's cool looking, peel away mask:

GRAVITYMUDis an Out of This World Innovative Peel Off Mud treatment that instantly leaves skin feeling firmer and more lifted. Mega-Targeted ingredients transform from White to Brilliant Chrome, delivering toned, sexy contours. Powered by TEAOXI™ Marshmallow + Licorice Leaf.

It sounds like a beauty must-try. Take a look at the silver face that develops, once this innovative mask sets in:

How amazing this "Tin Gal" appears wearing the mask. We found her modeling the mud at the GlamGlow website.

This futuristic face mask is NOT cheap. Try $69 a jar! Lions,tigers and bears....Oh, my!!

We would LOVE to try the GravityMud mask....but the price is keeping us in the pale, so to speak.