Sunday, June 1, 2008

Think Hair Removers For Summer

When I think of having to shave my legs, I often smile. I remember being about 11 years old and babysitting three little girls in my neighborhood. All three sisters noticed the dark little hairs growing on my legs, as I sat with them in my shorts. I was embarrassed, but also, too afraid to ask my mother to buy me a shaver. So one summer afternoon, I, and my hairy long legs, took the girls to the corner store. And with my babysitting money, I bought a little, pink bottle of Nair.

Yes, the hair remover lotion stunk like rotten eggs, but the next day I saw Leigh Anne, Laurie, and Leslie, my legs were soft and smooth and my underarms were hair-free.

Boy, have times changed. Yes, there are tons of hair removers on the market. And some, still stink, but the products work. And with the hot summer temperatures on the way, and you in your short-shorts, you have to think hair removers for summer.

What's the big deal? If you're just plain tired of shaving and nicking your legs and getting razor burn, or going for expensive hair removal laser treatments, or electrolysis, waxing (ouch!), or even endless tweezing, then it's time to try the hair removers again. Believe me, these products have improved. Now you can shower them off quickly. And most come formulated with moisturizing benefits, like aloe vera and chamomille. And bare skin lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Just a few reminders:
Be careful in the genital area. Do not apply hair removers too close to sensitive places.
Keep hair removers away from nose and ears, and breast nipples.
Do not apply hair removers to sunburned skin or irritated skin.
Do not use deodorant/antiperspirant for several hours before and after treatment.

Here are three hair removers to try:

New! Sally Hansen, Extra Strength Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover ($7.99).
New! Nair Hair Remover Shower Power ($8.50).
Bodybuilders know hair removers! Hair No More Advanced Vanishing Creme ($15.89)

Best of luck, and get beautifully bare for summer!

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