Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crayola-Colored Lips & Other Beauty Trends For 2008

They say that art imitates life, and if you look at the beauty trends in makeup for 2008, you know what I mean.

With hot colors like coral and pink in style, and electric blue eyeshadow on the runway, and bright floral material flowing on the catwalk, makeup is definitely an art school delight these days. And even the cosmetics items you are buying, resemble art supply store paints and pencils. Fashion, makeup, and the art world have become one.

The March issue of Vogue, really brought it to my attention:

...."Makeup was similarly inspired: 'Surrealist eyes' elaborately lined in chalk blue and black at Rodarte, paint-by-number lids at Michael Kors, Crayola-colored lips at Vuitton. And spring's new cosmetics? They look as though they came straight from the art-supply store, with products resembling tubes of oil paint (Clarins) and calligraphy pens (Styli-Style's precision felt-tip eyeliners). Rimmel's color-block shadows recall a Rothko canvas; Sally Hansen's nail polish pen looks more like the kind of graffiti marker Keith Haring would have loved...."

Spring/summer 2008 has a color for everyone. From red lips to navy blue nail polish, the makeup palette is endless. Experiment. Have fun. Let the Picasso in you run wild. And if you're a bit timid on the makeup scene, that's fine, too. Nude lips are back in vogue.

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