Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rosie Jane Cosmetics Give You Natural Beauty

Many women don't wear makeup because they are intimidated by it. They don't know exactly how to apply cosmetics, or which beauty items to buy. Some women swear they don't have even 5 minutes to spare, and some don't want to feel like they are wearing a mask. All great points, but there is an easier way to put on makeup that gives you natural beauty.

Legendary makeup artist Sandy Linter, has always given us some wonderful beauty tips. Remember this: blush. According to Sandy, it is the most important makeup to wear, even if it's the only beauty product you apply to your skin. Why blush? It warms up the skin, giving you a healthy glow and enhancing your cheekbones and bone structure. It gives your face a 3-dimensional appearance, in that it isn't flat like just wearing foundation.

Stephen Moleski, west coast makeup artist phenom, also agrees with Sandy Linter, but he would apply a neutral bronzer on the cheek area, for the same reasons.

And Rosie Jane Johnston agrees. Rosie Jane was born in Australia, and she, too, is a well-respected makeup artist. Rosie Jane has traveled the globe and found that women share one thing in common---"a lack of confidence applying makeup."

Rosie Jane began developing her own line of cosmetics that bear her name. She started out with a blush, Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss ($24, And she, too, suggests that blush is the beginning of a beautiful canvas. "It's all you need to brighten up the face and give a healthy glow."

Here's the simplicity with Rosie Jane Cosmetics. Her blush comes in 3 shades:
Poppy: deep berry that gives cheeks a subtle, sexy glow
Marigold: golden bronzer for a natural glow
Rose: for a youthful, rosy glow

None of her cosmetics are harsh or strong. Rosie Jane says her makeup was developed for all types of skin and ages. There are 3 color palettes to choose from for each beauty product she sells. In addition to the cheek glow, Rosie Jane also sells----eye hints, and lip dew. And her 4th newest product is the eye defines, which is an eyeliner for a P.M. makeup look.

All you need are 3 Rosie Jane beauty items to create a fresh-faced natural beauty: blush, eye shadow, and lip gloss. It's quick, easy, and you look pretty after you're done.

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