Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tone Triceps And Biceps With This Exercise

Jessica Biel. Madonna. Michelle Obama. Katie Couric. Jennifer Aniston. Iman.

Hmmm. What do all these fabulous ladies have in common?

Toned arms. These famous women enjoy showing off their perfectly toned triceps and biceps. And they enjoy wearing anything sleeveless. And why not? It's a challenge to have beautifully toned arms. And after age 30, it gets even tougher to maintain such a tautness . But it can be done. All you need are a couple of small free weights. And we'll show you one easy exercise you can even do in the office to get you started.

Developing the triceps muscle. That is the key to a nicely toned arm. Where are the triceps located? We like to call that area the 'dingle-dangle.' Yep. That's the flabby part you can feel under the arm. One of the toughest places to firm up. When you go to raise your hand and wave good-bye, you can feel that muscle flapping in the breeze. Well, hopefully, not too much.

The triceps muscle can best be described this way, according to

"The triceps are probably the most important muscle to develop when you want to achieve firm toned arms. The reason for this is that the tricep muscle takes up 2/3 of the arm. If it is underdeveloped it looks wobbly and soft but when it is firm and lean it makes the whole arm look that way."

You can't just exercise your arms for two weeks and expect big changes. The triceps and biceps muscles need to engage in resistance exercises continuously. If you want toned arms with a little 'cut' in them, you're going to have to adopt this regimen as part of your life. It should become a familiar target area when you are at the gym or exercising at home.

If you enjoy doing push-ups or jogging, those are also excellent for maintaining toned arms.

All you need is a pair of 3-lb dumbbells or small handweights. If you want to go higher, 5-lbs or 7-lbs. You can get a decent arm workout with 3-lb. weights in each hand. In fact, your arms will get quite sore, if you do enough repetitions. You can buy small handweights from Reebok(see photo), Nike, or any sporting goods store.

Jade Alexis, who has trained Alicia Keys, came up with this boxing-inspired exercise that you can do at the office when you have a few spare moments. Jade gave this toned arms exercise to In Style magazine readers.

"Sit upright in a chair with feet flat on the floor," Jade explains. "Hold dumbbells with your hands under your chin and slowly punch out at an angle across the body." Do at least 100 punches. You will develop 'knockout triceps, biceps, and shoulders.'

Look at the photo above, the woman there is punching out across the body, as Jade Alexis describes in her boxing-inspired triceps toning moves.

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