Monday, September 1, 2008

We've Got Hayden's Beauty Secret For A Winning Smile

Most of you know Hayden Panettiere from her indestructable cheerleader role on NBC's hit show Heroes. And many of you are aware of Hayden's good heart as an animal activist, especially kind to whales and dolphins.

The 19-year-old blonde actress is also the new Candies' spokesperson for their 'Inspired Collection.'

Okay, Hayden also lives in a spanking new mansion in West Hollwyood. Pricetag......$4 million.

But when it comes to a winning smile, Hayden Panettiere does what most of us do. She looks for a whitening toothpaste that really adds dazzle and mega-watt shine to an already beautiful smile.

We've already told you about Consumer Reports' number one whitening toothpaste:

Ultra brite Adanced Whitening Toothpaste. And the paste really lives up to the hype.

But Hayden brushes her teeth with another great paste: Elgydium.

Never heard of Elgydium? Neither had we. But we love the price for this tube of toothpaste ($7, And it's imported from Paris, France. The makers of Elgydium also claim that you don't need to spend lots of money on chemical whitening, that their toothpaste, over time, will give you a brighter, more beautiful smile.
Here's how the Elgydium company describes its winning toothpaste:

Elgydium Bicarbonate toothpaste ensures that your smile will be attractive and that your teeth will be shining and white. The results are immediately apparent and are even better over time. What is more, the menthol flavor produces a pleasant fresh feeling
Elgydium Bicarbonate toothpaste contains non-abrasive, micropulverised sodium bicarbonate which works effectively to eliminate dental stains caused by food and tobacco and to polish dental enamel.

We're going to pick up some of this imported toothpaste and give it a whirl. If Elgydium is one of Hayden Panettiere's beauty secrets, then the product is definitely worth trying.

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Anonymous said...

We all LUV Hayden!
Thanx for the toothepaste brand she uses!!