Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Halogen Bulbs Best Lighting For Applying Makeup When Daylight Won't Do

This is an important beauty question.....Under what lighting do you apply makeup?

We've all heard that natural daylight is the best light for putting on your foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, liner, powder, and so forth.

Why? Because you can see every 'nook and cranny' across your face. Natural daylight is truly unforgiving, but at least you can tell when the blush is a bit much, or the powder you've applied, has been over-done and settled into your fine lines.

What you don't want to do, is put on your makeup under the nasty fluorescent lighting that you see most commonly in offices and office bathrooms. The lighting there gives off a harsh green cast, and no one's complexion looks pretty under afluorescent halo.

Professional makeup artists will tell you that halogen lighting is the best way to go when applying makeup, if you can't get a good dose of natural daylight into your room, or you are applying makeup at night.

Halogen lighting is incandescent lighting and very close to the look of natural daylight. But it gives off sharper detail.

Most of us have incandescent bulbs in our lamps at home. And the lighting that emerges is soft and yellow, and flatters the skin, but the halogen bulbs give a better level of detail, and that is key when putting on makeup.

The only bad thing we can find about halogen lighting, is that the bulb gets very, very hot. It is excellent in overhead lighting like a chandelier. But when replacing a halogen bulb, one must use caution:

"Do NOT touch the glass envelope. The salts in your skin oils penetrate and weaken the glass. The bulb not only has a shorter life, but when the bulb dies the filament doesn’t merely burn out, but rather the bulb envelope shatters."

Well, having learned all that, if you can put on makeup in natural daylight, you will always get the best and most honest lighting for your skin.