Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Makeup Artist: Concealer Isn't Just For Dark Eye Circles

Concealer. If you don't have one in your makeup bag, then rush out and buy a tube or pot or stick of concealer ASAP!

Even if you have nearly flawless skin, makeup pros like Sandy Linter, say you still need to apply a little under the eyes to hide dark circles or shadows, or even a tiny bit on a red mark or two you might want to stay invisible.

We happen to prefer liquid concealer that comes in a tube with a small brush. We can control the amount to use and get a finer line of the formula. Plus, it isn't chalky like some concealers you roll under your eyes in fat stick form.

And we just saw this beauty nugget in a November issue of OK! magazine. It's from another makeup artist, Brett Freedman. He works with lovely British actress Sienna Miller. And this is one of his favorite beauty tips today:

Let your concealer do double duty as a lip liner! Just apply a smidgen around your lips to make them look fuller and prevent color from bleeding. The apply lipstick and go!

We have 2 liquid undereye concealers for you to try. One high-end.....the other more inexpensive:
1. Elizabeth Arden Collection Ceramide Skin Smoothing Concealer ($19.50, at

2. Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Undereye Concealer ($5.29, at drugstores).

Both liquid concealers come in a good variety of shades to match skin tone.

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