Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hair Extensions, Veneers, Lip Plumping For Kate Middleton? Are You Kidding Us?!

Dear Kate Middleton:

Good luck in your wedding to Prince William.

You're going to need it......because every move you make, every hairstyle, lip gloss, hat, gown, and even the socks you might wear on an off day, will be critiqued.

The eyes of the world are upon you, as your big day approaches April 29th.

We happen to think the pretty brunette princess-to-be hasn't missed a step yet. Kate Middleton is perfectly groomed. Just look at the photo snapped of the young British beauty wowing the crowds in Northern Ireland earlier this week.

Then imagine our horror, when we heard one beauty magazine suggesting 29-year-old Kate Middleton have a make-over before her wedding day. The so-called beauty experts suggested these 3 beauty I-Do's:

1. Hair extensions.

2. Veneers for a more perfect smile.

3. Lip plumping injections to give the princess-to-be a fuller upper lip.

Are you kidding us?!

Kate Middleton has one of the healthiest, glossiest heads of hair around. And according to the U.K.'s Mirror News, Kate is loyal to one: "Kate owes her luscious locks to regular trips to Chelsea hairdresser Richard Ward. She’s been going to his salon for five years for a £105 cut and blow-dry." That's about $165 in U.S. dollars.

Her makeup is always just right. Kate brings a fresh, modern approach and style to the monarchy. Her makeup is polished and not over-done. Even her eyebrows are natural and perfect.

As far as her royal smile goes, it is lovely and real. No, she doesn't need veneers. Her teeth are white and nicely shaped for her mouth. And her lips are fine. She doesn't need an exaggerated upper lip. How silly is that? There is nothing wrong with a nice set of average-sized lips.

What's there not to love about the newly engaged Kate Middleton?! At age 29, she certainly does NOT need a beauty makeover.

Will Kate Middleton become the fashion and beauty legend that so many people adored in Princess Diana??

We think Kate can definitely set some royal trends.

In the meantime.....enough with the hair extensions, veneers, and lip plumping ideas. Let the princess-to-be, just 'be.'


Lauren said...

That's craziness! Can you imagine how that makes some of us 'regular' engaged girls feel? Kate is a natural beauty - and I'm not just saying that - she is stunning, flawless skin, pearly white teeth, healthy hair. People shouldn't mess with perfection!

Lauren from ChickAdvisor

RoseMarie8 said...

I agree with LAUREN. It is so SAD when women aren't allowed to be naturally beautiful. Look at that stupid reality show they had on with Shana Moakler about Brides getting plastic surgery before walking down the aisle.Can u imagine?! Kate Middleton is gorgeous. Tha hair extnsions really make me laugh. She needs those?

Anonymous said...

I mean---a fuller upper lip? That's just cruel. Kate doesn't need any magazine's help. Who are these beauty editors trying to ruin her selfesteem??
I have nothing against plastic curgery but to suggest that everyone needs it, is just dumb.

Anonymous said...

Kate is a pretty girl, no doubt about that. But she is already looking much older than a young woman in her 20's.(a caucasian thing). I would put her closer to 40. Her smile is beautiful. But she would really look nice with some lips. Yes I know it is what God gave her. But she has no upper or lower lips.

Anonymous said...

There is a cold look to Kate Middleton when she isn't smiling. Yes well for many years Black Women were chastized for having big beautifulfull lips. Even now, Angelina Jolie gets all the credit. Now the reverse is happening, with White women getting picked on for having cranny thin lips. Sorry but payback is a bitch!