Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Root Touch-Up In Plant-Based Formula From Japan Hits U.S. Market

If you have dark hair like ours, then you know what it's like when those pesky roots begin to pop up. In our case, grays! You can spot them from a mile away, so to speak.

Like most women, we try to touch up the roots on our own. Our preferred weapon of choice has ALWAYS been with a root touch-up in a tube with a mascara-like brush applicator.

Okay...Maybe not the best method, but we still get good coverage + control this way.

Well, there's something new on the beauty market from Japan, and it's called (Kiwabi) Root Vanish by Kazumi. By the way, Kazumi was developed and named after Zooey Deschanel's celebrity colorist Kazumi Morton.

It's a gel-type colorant that HIDES grays + other roots for longer than the touch-ups currently out there.

It's formulated with all-natural botanical stuff like---Japanese Black Sea Weed Extract, Ginseng Root Extract and Swertia Japonica Extract.

Here, it's ONLY available right now through for $48 + FREE Shipping.

Not cheap, but fans of Root Vanish by Kazumi say it's 'worth every penney!'.

The company is proud their root touch-up is the "first non-permanent coloring essential that is free of all things undesired":

・ Leaves no sticky, hardened or crusty residue
・ No color transfer, even in humidity or light rain
・ 100% safe & healthy for hair and scalp

Easy-to-use, too, with a click brush applicator.

Would you try this new root touch-up in the new year?

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