Sunday, February 14, 2016

Some Girls Can Get Away With Dark Brows And Very Blonde Hair

There are certain beauty rules we all seem to follow, but then again, sometimes beauty rules can be broken. And there are beauties who break the rules....and darn it....look good doing it.

Let's talk dark brows + very blonde hair.......

The beauty rules say this stark combination is a major no-no.

Well, tell that to a number of celebrities whose signature look features the two extremes together.

Here is Rita Ora just last evening at the Creators Party presented by Spotify, in Los Angeles.

Yup.....Rita's blackened brows are very noticeable, and yet.....she carries it off with her platinum hair quite beautifully. Plus, the sexy singer also went heavy on the liner + lashes for a glam cat eye. MEOW!

And Rita is not alone.

Check out more famous faces who wear flaxen hair with dark brows:

And the icon herself, Marilyn Monroe.

If you're looking to emphasize your brows, then go with the best in the biz----Anastasia. Her Perfect Brow pencils aren't cheap at $23, but deliver a great result.


Anonymous said...

I wear this no-no combination and it looks good on me too. Thanks for the support!

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