Monday, March 14, 2016

3 Brushable HairSprays That Hold, Shine + Are Gentle To Hair


It's one of those styling aids you can't do without, but how HARSH is your hairspray?

We all LOVE the hairspray that adds SUPER volume, staying power + shine, but are you sure it's NOT harming your tresses?

We've been using those hairsprays that LOCK every strand in place, but then when we go to BRUSH it, we can't get any teeth into the hair. TOO sticky.


So, we've gone back to brushable hairspray.

Oh, yeah.....It DOES exist, and is kinder + gentler to tresses, so strands don't SNAP off when trying to change styles or just to brush it out.

Here are 3 Brushable Hairsprays that women adore:

1. VO5 Hair Spray, Brush Out, 14 Hour Hold, Crystal Clear ($5.59, at RiteAid). Smells great + you CAN move hair around after spraying.

2. L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold ($14.99, at LOrealParisUSA). Lots  of shine + you can still brush through it.

3. Sebastian Shaper Hairspray ($18.95, at ULTA). Flexible hold + satiny finish.....and brushable capability.

Try one of these 3 brushable hairsprays. You still get great hold without that stuck-on, hot mess spray that won't allow a brush anywhere near it.

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