Tuesday, March 29, 2016

L'Oreal Introduces New Root Cover Up.....Bye-Bye Gray

We're hoping that gray hair can be eliminated somehow, someday. And no, we're not taking about those sexy men + women who look gorgeous in silver.

But for those of us who look LOUSY with gray strands invading our crowning glory, we're stuck with root touch-ups + hair dyes UNTIL a genius scientist can do better.

L'Oreal Paris has just launched a brand new temporary eliminator:

Root Cover Up with beautiful Eva Longoria in sexy ads for the spray-on product.

We have NOT tried this one yet, but an honest acquaintance of ours gave it 3 *** stars for it on her auburn hair.

My friend claims it COVERS well but feels like dry shampoo and can rub off a bit, if you touch your roots with your fingers and that hair gets STIFF sprayed with this.

We still think it's worth a try, because we ALL hate tell-tale roots, and UNTIL we can get them covered up, we NEED something to hide the evidence.

We found the cans at Walmart for 9.97 for a small, 2 oz. can.

Yes, we are going to try this NEW L'Oreal Root Cover Up. Might be a bit messy spraying this around a room, but hey....it's better than spotting our skunk stripe a mile away.

If you've tried Root Cover Up, tell us what you, think, ladies.