Sunday, March 20, 2016

Discovering A Beautiful Complexion Through Tea Milk Skincare - Part 1

Here at, we are obsessed with skin care, and have come to learn that a beautiful complexion is NOT a given. We all actually have to work hard at creating flawless skin and maintaining it throughout life.

That's why we get happy inside when we discover brand new skin care systems like this one by

More about Tea Milk Skincare in a moment.

We have mentioned here, again and again, that we believe in Retin-A to repair damaged skin + encourage new cell growth. And the many clinical trials seem to support this information.
But Retin-A is NOT perfect. It can be harsh, difficult to adopt a steady routine with, it's pricey, and you have to apply it for life for it to keep working. If you over-use it, which we have done on occasion, it can deliver, red, almost leathery skin until it calms down again.

So, when Jenn Wei, the founder of Tea Milk Skincare kindly sent us her favorite Tea Milk products to try, we were excited. If you're looking for CLEAN,  NATURAL ingredients which offer complexion benefits, then keep reading.

We believe Asian women hold valuable secrets about healthy, youthful skin. Jenn's website is very educational, and we learned plenty here at her blog.

PEARL POWDER is one magic element Asian women have used for many, many generations to boost collagen production. It's rich in amino acids + calcium.

It's in TeaMilk's Pearl & Jasmine Anti-Aging Eye Cream ($28).

MATCHA GREEN TEA is another superb ingredient, because it contains plenty of amino acids + anti-oxidants to battle inflammation, wrinkles, sun damage + sagging skin.

It's in Tea Milk's Matcha Pore Minimizing Face Mask ($25).

We LOVE that Tea Milk Skincare is providing all natural products. For example, the company sources whole leaf tea MINUS chemicals right from artisan farmers in Asia.

In Discovering Tea Milk Skincare - Part 2, we will tell you what we think of their skin care products.

Stay tuned.


marymm said...

i luved this post with alot if interesting beauty infirmation. i would like to try this brand. thankyou!

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