Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eye Strips To The Rescue: For Crow's Feet + Wrinkles ASAP

We all know that our eyes tell the story in more ways than one. And when it comes to aging, the eyes are the first place that fine lines + wrinkles like to locate. The skin around and under the eyes is delicate, dry and thin.

And when you're lacking sleep, and just putting in really long hours, well, the eyes will look tired and old, if you will.

We have found a beauty solution: DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes ($9, 6 applications, at DHCCare).

These effective, little eye helpers really do the trick ASAP!

According to the DHC Care Company these soft gel masks "gently adhere to your skin to form a seal that keeps nutrients in. Beneficial ingredients include brightening mulberry and alpha-arbutin to combat dark circles, and antioxidant-rich olive leaf extract and soy to promote younger-looking eyes."

Gotta LOVE that! These little undereye jellies would be great for those important events where you want to look flawless, with all eyes on you!

We all love beauty products that plump up the skin, and the eye area could always use some healthy boosting.

Some women wear them while they sleep, and then remove the gel strips in the AM for a refreshed set of eyes.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our 3 Favorite Mascaras For Long Thick Wow Lashes!

We've always been lucky in that we were born with long, dark, full lashes. Our eyebrows are another story.

But as we get older, we have found that our lashes are still long, but maybe not as thick as they once were. Or maybe we are imagining that altogether.

Mascara is  a MUST. We don't care how long, full
and dark the lashes are. Mascara takes the beauty of your eyes one major step further.
Simply put---Mascara makes a difference!

Our male dermatologist, who had not seen us in a while, recently remarked to us:
"Are you using Latisse? Your lashes look amazing---so long."

We laughed and told him that we really don't need the prescription lash enhancer, and that is was effective mascara. It's all about the makeup we told him.

So here we go.....Here are Our 3 Favorite Mascaras for Long, Thick, Wow Lashes:

1. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara ($5.84, at Target).

2. Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara ($3.78, at
3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara  ($4.44, at Target).
Hope these lash-building mascaras work for you. We've tried high-end and low-end, and yes, these are cheap but very good mascaras!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Super Sunglasses In Celeb CopyCat Styles For Under $10!

It's so much fun to shop for new sunglasses! And when the price is right, well, it's spec-tacular!!
Our BeautyTipToday 'Buy of the Day' comes from a wonderful online shopping site we've been reading about:

ZeroUV Ultimate Eyewear Boutique.

Awesome!! Because EVERY pair of shades is priced at just 9.99! That's right! great-looking sunglasses for UNDER $10!

If you want celebrity fakesZeroUV has them. Check out Kim Kardashian's NYC Over-Size Butterfly sunglasses. Look at the very pretty faux pair you can buy without the steep designer pricetag here.
Check out ZeroUV's brand new line for Spring 2013, like these Oversize Vintage-Inspired Metal Round Circle Sunglasses.
You can even find Selena Gomez' playful sweet heart-shaped sunglasses. Adorable!

ZeroUv has a lot of great eyewear and it's not all celebrity-inspired. They've got some sexy cat eye shades and the classic aviator style.

It's time to chase the winter blues away with a new pair of glam shades. Are you ready for spring?

We know we are, indeed!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Carrie Underwood's + Giada's Same Must-Have Nail Color!

Are you looking for a classic, always appropriate nail color that works in any situation---casual or formal?

Then look no further! Carrie Underwood and Giada De Laurentiis both LOVE OPI's Bubble Bath and can't live without the soft pink nail lacquer.

What's so great about Bubble Bath?

Singing superstar Carrie likes it for a couple of reasons:

"This color looks nice with everything," she tells InStyle magazine. "And since it's a light shade, chips are a lot less noticeable."
OPI makes very good nail polish and at an inexpensive price for the long-lasting quality and colors. We found a bottle of OPI Bubble Bath at Amazon for $7.94. It's a nice pink-y nude shade.

TV cooking star Giada De Laurentiis always has her hands on display, and of course, the camera moves in tight to demonstrate how she's preparing her many dishes, so she knows that TV viewers WILL notice her nails. Apparently, everyone IS noticing her lovely hands, because at a book signing, a fan once begged Giada for her nail color secret.

Giada told the fan that she uses OPI Bubble Bath because it holds well for her when washing dishes/cooking/etc. Plus...we found proof of this OPI nail color here at the FoodNetwork. It's a great Q & A of Giada, where the petite beauty also discusses makeup, hair and jewelry!

Hey, we aren't high maintenance when it comes to our nails, but if OPI's Bubble Bath is fine enough for Carrie Underwood + Giada De Laurentiis, well then we're grabbing up a bottle, too!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

When Hair (Extensions) Too Much Of A Good Thing--Lilly Ghalichi Debuts Shorter Do!

We LOVE Bravo TV break-out star Lilly Ghalichi from Shahs of Sunset! Gotta adore 'Persian Barbie!' We like her exotic, glam look and her fierce smoky eye makeup, and her hair.

Wait a minute!!

That's A LOT of hair! We mean....OMG! Humongous faux locks!

Even Lilly has admitted to a lengthy Big HAIR routine:

Clip-in extensions, a teasing comb, and tons of hairspray.

Is lots of hair TOO much of a good thing sometimes?!

Well....Yes. Forgive us, Lilly, because we adore you.

Lilly swears her hair is a LOT shorter now, as you can see in the bottom photo, which was taken last week during Shahs of Sunset Renunion Part I. We LIKE it!

Check out her hair extensions tips from Lilly's glam blog:

"Any girl that loves big hair needs a good pair of clip ins. I'm not a big fan of permanent extensions as I feel it's unnecessary to have all that hair 24 hours a day (when you sleep for example). Plus, it is really damaging for your natural hair.

"First we curl the extensions (before we put them on my head), then we curl my own hair, and apply the extensions. Once they're all in, we tease at the root, and then apply lots of hair spray to hold it (my favorite is Paul Mitchell). Once we are finished styling, we go a step further to make it extra big by flipping my head upside down and then giving it one final good all over spray."

Part II of the Reunion show is on this evening --Bravo channel- 9PM with Andy Cohen.

Can't wait for the sparks to fly again!

What do you think....Too much hair .....Not enough hair?! Or Just right!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Is SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer An Intelligent Choice To Try?

Long lashes + full brows.

Most women really want these 2 beauty enhancements and to have them appear naturally. But many of us are not blessed with both, and some of us don't have either long lashes OR thick brows. So we pencil, shade, gel, use faux, and so forth.

Maybe this beauty product could help along the way. It's called SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer by Intelligent Beauty Labs and isn't cheap at $125. It is a beauty investment, but one that has gotten lots of great reviews.

So, what does SmartLash do?

In clinical studies, participants in 60 days experienced:

•Up to a 68% increase in the appearance of lash length!*
•100% saw an increase in the appearance of eyelash length, fullness and thickness after 30 days. •100% indicated a superior performance of this product when compared to previously used eyelash enhancement products.
•100% said they feel like they need less mascara.
•100% would recommend SMARTLASH to a friend.

SmartLash does NOT contain side effect producing prostaglandin used in prescription lash enhancers like Latisse.

It's easy to put on, too. Apply  it 2X (morning + evening) to the eyelid skin at the base of the lashes (do not apply directly to the lashes). Can be applied to the eyelid skin at the base or both the upper and lower lashes. It can be applied to the brows, too. One tube of SmartLash will last about 30 days.

We found SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer at

Friday, March 1, 2013

Can Sea Salt Really Add Volume + Smoothness To Hair?!

Sea salt.....It's not just for the dinner table. This special salt is formed from the natural evaporation of ocean water. And sea salt has been around for a very long time in more ways than one.

Sea salt has always been present in some cosmetics + skin care products as an exfoliant or scrub.

But what about hair?! Can sea salt deliver big volume and smoothness?

Some people say it really can!

Look at Lush company's BIG Shampoo ($26.95. 11.4 oz., at

This pricey tub of shampoo contains more than 50% sea salt which is included for ridding hair of styling product, grime, dead skin cells, etc. Leaves your mane full, smooth, + bouncy! A lot of women swear by this sea salt shampoo.

You could also make your own sea salt shampoo for a lot less. Check out this by a former Miss California Marianna Hewitt. She claims that:

Mixing three parts coarse sea salt with two parts shampoo will give you back some amazing hair! 

Look at her DIY sea salt shampoo recipe.  Marianna Hewitt explains that hair needs exfoliation just as much as skin:

DIY sea salt shampoo recipe