Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our 3 Favorite Mascaras For Long Thick Wow Lashes!

We've always been lucky in that we were born with long, dark, full lashes. Our eyebrows are another story.

But as we get older, we have found that our lashes are still long, but maybe not as thick as they once were. Or maybe we are imagining that altogether.

Mascara is  a MUST. We don't care how long, full
and dark the lashes are. Mascara takes the beauty of your eyes one major step further.
Simply put---Mascara makes a difference!

Our male dermatologist, who had not seen us in a while, recently remarked to us:
"Are you using Latisse? Your lashes look amazing---so long."

We laughed and told him that we really don't need the prescription lash enhancer, and that is was effective mascara. It's all about the makeup we told him.

So here we go.....Here are Our 3 Favorite Mascaras for Long, Thick, Wow Lashes:

1. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara ($5.84, at Target).

2. Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara ($3.78, at
3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara  ($4.44, at Target).
Hope these lash-building mascaras work for you. We've tried high-end and low-end, and yes, these are cheap but very good mascaras!

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