Friday, March 1, 2013

Can Sea Salt Really Add Volume + Smoothness To Hair?!

Sea salt.....It's not just for the dinner table. This special salt is formed from the natural evaporation of ocean water. And sea salt has been around for a very long time in more ways than one.

Sea salt has always been present in some cosmetics + skin care products as an exfoliant or scrub.

But what about hair?! Can sea salt deliver big volume and smoothness?

Some people say it really can!

Look at Lush company's BIG Shampoo ($26.95. 11.4 oz., at

This pricey tub of shampoo contains more than 50% sea salt which is included for ridding hair of styling product, grime, dead skin cells, etc. Leaves your mane full, smooth, + bouncy! A lot of women swear by this sea salt shampoo.

You could also make your own sea salt shampoo for a lot less. Check out this by a former Miss California Marianna Hewitt. She claims that:

Mixing three parts coarse sea salt with two parts shampoo will give you back some amazing hair! 

Look at her DIY sea salt shampoo recipe.  Marianna Hewitt explains that hair needs exfoliation just as much as skin:

DIY sea salt shampoo recipe

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Anonymous said...

OMG! My flat limp hair really needs TLC. I will try the shampoo recipe you gave here.