Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kim K Post-Baby Nose Job Seems Impossible Yet Nose Looks Different

Reality television's most famous face is that of Kim Kardashian's.

Let's be honest----She knows how to court the media and to shut them down when she sees fit. But lately, the cameras are all over the proud new mama with her recent, over-the-top engagement to rap star Kanye West.

Tongues have been wagging not only about Kim's post-baby weight loss, but also about her alleged new nose job, supposedly done AFTER she gave birth to baby daughter North on June 15th. The curious claim she dyed her hair blonde to take the attention away from her new nose refinement.

Well, we are certainly no expert, but her nose DOES appear shorter + more thinned out, with a subtle scoop to it. (see photo 3)

The most famous Kardashian has also been accused of undergoing a tummy tuck, major lipo, more butt injections, Botox + fillers all in the last few months while she was said to be in hiding. The first photo of the new mama appeared 2 months later on August 15th.

Could the Kardashian kutie have had a massive mommy makeover and recovered from all that in a matter of 4 months or so?

That seems impossible.

Anyway, here are a few photos BEFORE giving birth as a brunette and AFTER giving birth as a blonde.

Meantime.....Kim, Kourtney + Khloe are busy showing off their latest Kardashian Kollection at Sears. The collection has just officially landed on Instagram.com.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Black Or Camel, Pippa Wears The Cape For Autumn Quite Royally.....

When some of us think of the cape, we might say it's old-lady-ish, but after seeing the UK's Pippa Middleton donning one, well, the cape is looking very modern chic.
Yes, Pippa wears a cape quite royally, so to speak.

Black or camel, military buttons or open style, the sister of Duchess Kate has nailed down her own fashion sense.

Would you slip a cape on for these crisp, windy autumn days?

You might want to think about trying one on.

Let's take a look at pretty Pippa:

We think the royal aunt to baby George looks gorgeous in her cape ensembles.

We used to think you had to be supermodel tall to pull off the elegance of a cape, but not so. Pippa is quite petite in stature and she's workin' it! The proportions are all right, in our opinion.

You can copy the Pippa cape effect without spending a royal bundle. The single-breasted black cape Pippa is wearing is by Leon Max and is on sale for 150 pounds, or  $240 US dollars

We found a pretty camel cape like Pippa's for a lot less on Ebay--Buy It Now for $35.99 + $10.00 shipping(Australia).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Most Effective Under Eye Concealer: Cream Stick Or Liquid Formula?

Let's face it.....Under eye concealer is an important step in most beauty routines.

No one likes dark shadows, sunken circles, or tired-looking peepers. So many of us reach for a bit of concealer to make the bad stuff disappear, and even up the skin tone.

For years, we applied concealer from a tube. You know the kind---the cream stick. It can look crease-y or crepey after a few hours of wear.

Then we stumbled onto a liquid formula, and we've never looked back.

A lot of professional makeup artists like Jake Bailey would agree:

"Liquid formulas absorb more easily under the eyes and cover circles without caking," he tells inStyle magazine.

Jake suggests choosing an under eye concealer consisting of an "opaque fluid with a peach base, which will help counteract the blue-gray tones."

Jake mentions MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Concealer at $29 a tube at Sephora.

There 14 shades to choose from. Not sure which one has the peach base, but we have learned that it's always best to select an under eye concealer a bit lighter than your natural skin tone.

Whatever you do during your daily makeup routine, DON'T skip the concealer. We ALL need a little.

And don't forget to blend, blend, blend!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why You Need A Lash Comb To Complete The Perfect Eye

Wising for big, wide, sexy eyes with luscious lashes?

Then remember to buy 3 simple beauty tools:

1. a decent eyelash curler
2. good, black mascara
3. and an effective eyelash comb.

Don't even try to skip the comb. It might sound silly + old-fashioned, BUT, the lash comb was invented for intelligent reasons:

To create long, thick, buildable lashes, and to remove the clumps of mascara that ALWAYS seem to ruin the perfect set of eyes.

We don't care how expensive your volumizing mascara might be. Even the most expensive stuff can clump and 'glue' your lashes together. That creates an unnatural look, and not what we're striving for.

A lash comb can make all the difference. The key point to remember here, are the type of teeth featured on your comb. The plastic comb with the plastic teeth break easier and are tougher to clean.

Instead, look for lash combs that have gold-plated or silver plated metal teeth. The metal teeth seem to give superior separation. Separated lashes look longer, fuller, more natural, and widen the eye. Just clean the lash comb with alcohol on a cotton ball or tissue after each use.

And a lash comb is simple to use:

First, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.
Second, begin applying thin coats of mascara at a time.
Then, take your eyelash comb and start separating, or combing through your wet lashes.
Comb from the roots upward, immediately after applying each coat.

Say hello to---long, thick, more uniform lashes. No more clumps or 'spider-looking' lashes.

Try perfectlash ($15.95).

The beauty of this comb is in its curved design with rounded sides. This comb has gold-plated and silver-plated teeth. The layered teeth glide easily through your lashes, separating them perfectly.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nicole Richie Walks The Dog In Classic Style

We've said it many times before. Nicole Richie has great style. And we have proof.

Take a peek below. There's the fashion/jewelry designer walking her adorable pooch yesterday in west Hollywood:

Nicole just goes to show that you CAN'T go wrong with a crisp white shirt. Add a pair of wicked flare jeans, a classic red collegiate blazer with contrast trim, and you're on your way!

We found a cute copy-cat preppy blazer in Vamp Red from GAP for $88.

We LOVE Nicole's effortless chic fashion sense!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Copy Alexa Chung's Glamorous Cat Eye In 3 Simple Steps!

TV host Alexa Chung is known as a fashion icon, but did you ever really look at her pretty eyes?

The British beauty loves wearing a black cat eye, and it's become her signature look:

“Liquid liner is my savior,” Alexa said. “Other people like other things to feel like they look normal, but for me, I’m pretty much naked without my eyeliner on. It’s my comfort blanket.” WWD

We feel the same way, Alexa. We don't go too many places without our liner on, too.

Alexa has debuted her own cosmetics collaboration with British brand Eyeko, and developed a super black felt tip-like liner that's so easy to apply.

A cat eye features a lined eye that ends in a pretty upward flick at the outer eye. It is a very flattering makeup trick when done properly.

Alexa explains it in 3 simple steps:
1. First I apply a makeup base like concealer on my eyelid and under my eye.
2. Next I sweep neutral shadow (slightly brown) as a wash over the lid.
3. Finally black liner. I'll do a flick from the outer corner of my eye upward, then I draw across the lid last.

Alexa Chung x Eyeko will be available Nov. 14 exclusively at eyeko.com and in Sephora stores come January. We think this is a great beauty investment.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Sports Messy Bob As She Lops Off Brazilian Blow-Out Disaster

Jennifer Aniston + beautiful hair have ALWAYS belonged in the same sentence.

But today, we are not so sure. If we were placing a bet, we would assume this was a break-up haircut, where you just lose it after splitting and then 'wipe that man right out of your hair.'

However, the star is wearing her very sizable engagement ring in the recent photos, so we are obviously wrong about a Jen + Justin break-up.

According to the pretty actress, she had her famous locks chopped into a trendy long bob because of problems that developed following the popular Brazilian blow-out.

This is what Jennifer told Elle magazine:

'It wasn't for a role. My hair went through a phase - this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it. It's about two inches above my shoulders now.'

But then Jennifer said something different to Vogue.com:

'It was kind of spur-of-the-moment. I was flipping through the television channels and I paused it to take a picture and I sent it to Chris (McMillan - her hair stylist), and he said, "That’s [stylist] Lawren Howell from Vogue!" And then he said, "I just cut that!" So that’s it.'

Lots of women get Brazilian blow-outs through their stylists to fight frizz + force hair to stay STRAIGHT for 3 months. But the formaldehyde and other strong chemicals in this expensive hair cocktail can further damage the hair. It depends on how long the solution is left on and how healthy the client's hair is to begin with.

Maybe it's a lousy photo, but the actress' mane looks stringy + unflattering at the moment.
But we do LOVE her sexy, sandal wedges!!