Monday, November 11, 2013

Black Or Camel, Pippa Wears The Cape For Autumn Quite Royally.....

When some of us think of the cape, we might say it's old-lady-ish, but after seeing the UK's Pippa Middleton donning one, well, the cape is looking very modern chic.
Yes, Pippa wears a cape quite royally, so to speak.

Black or camel, military buttons or open style, the sister of Duchess Kate has nailed down her own fashion sense.

Would you slip a cape on for these crisp, windy autumn days?

You might want to think about trying one on.

Let's take a look at pretty Pippa:

We think the royal aunt to baby George looks gorgeous in her cape ensembles.

We used to think you had to be supermodel tall to pull off the elegance of a cape, but not so. Pippa is quite petite in stature and she's workin' it! The proportions are all right, in our opinion.

You can copy the Pippa cape effect without spending a royal bundle. The single-breasted black cape Pippa is wearing is by Leon Max and is on sale for 150 pounds, or  $240 US dollars

We found a pretty camel cape like Pippa's for a lot less on Ebay--Buy It Now for $35.99 + $10.00 shipping(Australia).

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