Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Sports Messy Bob As She Lops Off Brazilian Blow-Out Disaster

Jennifer Aniston + beautiful hair have ALWAYS belonged in the same sentence.

But today, we are not so sure. If we were placing a bet, we would assume this was a break-up haircut, where you just lose it after splitting and then 'wipe that man right out of your hair.'

However, the star is wearing her very sizable engagement ring in the recent photos, so we are obviously wrong about a Jen + Justin break-up.

According to the pretty actress, she had her famous locks chopped into a trendy long bob because of problems that developed following the popular Brazilian blow-out.

This is what Jennifer told Elle magazine:

'It wasn't for a role. My hair went through a phase - this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it. It's about two inches above my shoulders now.'

But then Jennifer said something different to

'It was kind of spur-of-the-moment. I was flipping through the television channels and I paused it to take a picture and I sent it to Chris (McMillan - her hair stylist), and he said, "That’s [stylist] Lawren Howell from Vogue!" And then he said, "I just cut that!" So that’s it.'

Lots of women get Brazilian blow-outs through their stylists to fight frizz + force hair to stay STRAIGHT for 3 months. But the formaldehyde and other strong chemicals in this expensive hair cocktail can further damage the hair. It depends on how long the solution is left on and how healthy the client's hair is to begin with.

Maybe it's a lousy photo, but the actress' mane looks stringy + unflattering at the moment.
But we do LOVE her sexy, sandal wedges!!

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