Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why You Need A Lash Comb To Complete The Perfect Eye

Wising for big, wide, sexy eyes with luscious lashes?

Then remember to buy 3 simple beauty tools:

1. a decent eyelash curler
2. good, black mascara
3. and an effective eyelash comb.

Don't even try to skip the comb. It might sound silly + old-fashioned, BUT, the lash comb was invented for intelligent reasons:

To create long, thick, buildable lashes, and to remove the clumps of mascara that ALWAYS seem to ruin the perfect set of eyes.

We don't care how expensive your volumizing mascara might be. Even the most expensive stuff can clump and 'glue' your lashes together. That creates an unnatural look, and not what we're striving for.

A lash comb can make all the difference. The key point to remember here, are the type of teeth featured on your comb. The plastic comb with the plastic teeth break easier and are tougher to clean.

Instead, look for lash combs that have gold-plated or silver plated metal teeth. The metal teeth seem to give superior separation. Separated lashes look longer, fuller, more natural, and widen the eye. Just clean the lash comb with alcohol on a cotton ball or tissue after each use.

And a lash comb is simple to use:

First, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.
Second, begin applying thin coats of mascara at a time.
Then, take your eyelash comb and start separating, or combing through your wet lashes.
Comb from the roots upward, immediately after applying each coat.

Say hello to---long, thick, more uniform lashes. No more clumps or 'spider-looking' lashes.

Try perfectlash ($15.95).

The beauty of this comb is in its curved design with rounded sides. This comb has gold-plated and silver-plated teeth. The layered teeth glide easily through your lashes, separating them perfectly.

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