Friday, January 17, 2014

Plastic Experts Cry "Nose Job": Claim Little Kendall Got Smaller Nose Like Kim

We certainly did not see this one coming!

But it's ALL over the entertainment + tabloid news---that 18-year-old Kendall Jenner has gone and splurged on a smaller nose like big sister Kim Kardashian.
Kendall's new nose?
Hmmm. We're not so sure about that.

At age 18, we still consider Kendall a child in some ways, and for the media to begin picking on this young, sweet girl is criminal.

Maybe Kendall Jenner did indeed get a subtle nose job, and if so, it's REALLY nobody's business.

If she had a big nose that bothered her, we could see her wanting to fix it, to fit in, so to speak.

Kendall's old nose?
In Kendall's case, she had a small, adorable nose to begin with, so we would be puzzled as to why she would desire such a change.

True, she is trying to jump-start a modeling career, but if the agencies don't catapult you to stardom fast, it probably won't happen, even with a tinier nose and references by some, that you're the next Ali McGraw.

In our humble opinion, we do NOT believe Kendall has gotten a nose job.

But the plastic experts believe otherwise.

Here's one opinion from a leading consultant plastic surgeon Miles Berry of Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London. 

He said this to the MailOnline:

"The bridge of her nose looks a little more crooked in earlier photo and this could certainly have been smoothed surgical The tip could well be smaller and rather more refined, again pointing to possible surgery."

 Well, that's enough on the subject. Who really 'nose?'

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Style Icon Kate Moss Dolls Up In Leopard Coat: Copy Her Look For Less!

Happy 40th birthday, Kate Moss!!

This is how the style icon got ready for her birthday bash in London yesterday. The famous model loves her leopard coat, as do we! She seems to wear this one just about everywhere!

The model whose effortless chic is copied around the world likes to pair her animal print with black and her handbags with a pop of elegant color. See the pale pink Chanel clutch and the banana yellow clutch.

Leopard print also looks lovely with a number of shades like red and white, nude, and so on.

Leopard print is a CLASSIC. It's NEVER out of style. So it would make for a smart buy.

But we also believe in a good buy, too.

COPY Kate Moss' look for less!!

We found a Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Leopard Print Pea Coat, now on SALE for $109.99.

And the Asos See U Soon Leopard Print Coat, also on SALE for $111.11.

Both great deals and pretty, leopard coats, a la Kate Moss.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How To Get Gabrielle Union's Glam Wavy Hair With Just Two Items

Everybody adores actress Gabrielle Union. Not only does she look much younger than 41, but she also exudes this friendly beauty.

And we LOVE Gabrielle's glamorous, wavy hair!!

What if we told you, you could achieve a similar sexy hairstyle with just 2 items?

Gabrielle's stylist Larry Sims tells InStyle magazine how to get it done.

1.  Invest in a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. We found this one at It's the 1 1/4-inch Professional Gold Spring curling iron ($39.50) with a 24K gold-plated barrel.

2. Pick up a can of volumizing hairspray. Try Got2b 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume hairspray ($6.79, at Walmart).

 Begin wrapping small sections of hair around the 1 1/4-inch curling iron. 
After unwinding each piece, form a pin curl and clip it to your head. 
Allow to cool before releasing the curls, and then brush through strands. 

Also, to get that va-va-va-voom volume:
...."Use a wide-tooth comb to lightly tease hair from the tips to midway up strands," Larry suggests.
Then carefully run the comb over the surface to smooth out any frizz. Them finish by locking in the style with volumizing hairspray.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Same JLo, Same Girl: Video Debuts On American Idol Wednesday Night

JLo just wants you to know, she's the same girl---same Jenny....from the block.

The biggest Latina star has been teasing her fans about her new video, "Same Girl," ready to drop tomorrow night on the new season of American Idol on Fox.

In her new single, Jennifer Lopez sings about remembering where she came from:

"I'm tired of trying to make you see I'm still me, and I'm the same Jenny from around the way."

The only thing missing from "Same Girl" is handsome Ben Affleck. He was great, eye candy in the 2002 video, "Jenny from the Block." Those were beautiful times for Miss JLo.

 Still, we LOVE JLo's hip-hop style. She wears it so well! Right down to her signature BIG, gold hoops:

Real gold BIG hoop earrings will cost you a lot, but we buy ours CHEAP + faux gold on Ebay right here for $15.97 + FREE shipping.

If you want to COPY JLo's style, then choose at least a 3-inch hoop. Hers look maybe even 3.5 - 4 inch hoops.

We say Go big, or go home!

Now for a tease of "Same Girl,", click here.

And for "Jenny from the Block" with Ben, check this out

Monday, January 13, 2014

Playing Around With Retin-A, AHA, BHA Formulas: Requires A Great Facial Sunscreen

If there's anything we've learned about skin care, and trying to re-model a damaged complexion, it's that you NEED a great facial sunscreen.

We've all used good suncreens for the body, but more importantly, how about the face?
For instance, we use Retin-A at night BEFORE bedtime. Most experts advise applying the anti-aging cream at night because it is light-sensitive.

 Here's the problem: We adore a strong glycolic facial cleanser. We like to use it AM + PM. But we have since become educated about NOT mixing the two formulations together.

So, if we are about to apply Retin-A at night, then we do NOT wash our face with the alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) in the evening. We use a simple soap.

 Why? These are both strong chemicals, and could CANCEL each other out. that we have that straight....Why do we need a facial sunscreen?

 Because when you apply potent anti-aging products like Retin-A, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin C cream or Beta Hydroxy Acids, your skin, although being nicely repaired, is now more sensitive and super exfoliated, so the sun's rays can penetrate more easier and cause damage, again.

 Here's an excellent facial sunscreen fairly new to the beauty market: Suntegrity ($45).

"Natural, broad-spectrum mineral zinc oxide protection that feels and looks so good on your skin that you'll want to wear it 24/7."

Tinting Selection: Choose Fair for very fair complexions, Light for fair to medium complexions, or Medium for medium to darker complexions.

To learn lots of great skin care tips on how to juggle anti-aging products, check out this informative website by Dr. Cynthia Bailey.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Model Miranda Kerr Proves Cheap Drugstore Red Lipstick Can Be Perfect!

We all like to imagine that wealthy women such as models, actresses, public figures, etc., ONLY buy expensive makeup + skin care products.


Most famous women won't talk about their penny-pinching habits but there are some celebs who are more than happy to share. And when one of them DOES dish, we are all ears.

 For instance, we were reading a past issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine and came across this beauty tidbit from Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. As you can see from the photos below, the glamorous beauty LOVES her signaturebold red lips.

This is what the VS angel told Emily Listfield at Beauty Bazaar:

"Recently I found the ideal lip stain in Top Tomato ($10.99). It stays on forever," Miranda says.

If you would like to copy Miranda Kerr's signature red lipstick beauty tip, we found some at ULTA.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Golden Globes Host Tina Fey Has Amazing Hair---But So Funny You Don't Always Notice

Tomorrow night Tina Fey + Amy Poehler return to host the Golden Globes LIVE at 8  PM, ET on NBC.

These 2, very funny + attractive ladies are delightful to watch.
Lately, we've been zeroing in on Tina Fey. She has started to become a fashion plate after several mishaps on the unforgiving red carpet.

According to an item in the NY Times, Tina has been working with Cristina Ehrlich, who also styles Amy Adams and Allison Williams. Good move on Tina's part.

Now let's look at her closely....

Girlfriend has AMAZING hair! It's a crowning glory, for sure.  That's probably why Tina was tapped to do the Garnier Nutrisse hair color commercials.
Tina Fey has beautiful hair, but because she is so funny, you might NOT always notice.

In case you were wondering, this is the shade Tina uses in those Garnier Nutrisse ads