Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Same JLo, Same Girl: Video Debuts On American Idol Wednesday Night

JLo just wants you to know, she's the same girl---same Jenny....from the block.

The biggest Latina star has been teasing her fans about her new video, "Same Girl," ready to drop tomorrow night on the new season of American Idol on Fox.

In her new single, Jennifer Lopez sings about remembering where she came from:

"I'm tired of trying to make you see I'm still me, and I'm the same Jenny from around the way."

The only thing missing from "Same Girl" is handsome Ben Affleck. He was great, eye candy in the 2002 video, "Jenny from the Block." Those were beautiful times for Miss JLo.

 Still, we LOVE JLo's hip-hop style. She wears it so well! Right down to her signature BIG, gold hoops:

Real gold BIG hoop earrings will cost you a lot, but we buy ours CHEAP + faux gold on Ebay right here for $15.97 + FREE shipping.

If you want to COPY JLo's style, then choose at least a 3-inch hoop. Hers look maybe even 3.5 - 4 inch hoops.

We say Go big, or go home!

Now for a tease of "Same Girl,", click here.

And for "Jenny from the Block" with Ben, check this out


maria, BRONX, U.S.A. said...

Can't wait for the release tomorow night!\Thanks for the big hoop buy cheap!

Anonymous said...

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