Monday, January 13, 2014

Playing Around With Retin-A, AHA, BHA Formulas: Requires A Great Facial Sunscreen

If there's anything we've learned about skin care, and trying to re-model a damaged complexion, it's that you NEED a great facial sunscreen.

We've all used good suncreens for the body, but more importantly, how about the face?
For instance, we use Retin-A at night BEFORE bedtime. Most experts advise applying the anti-aging cream at night because it is light-sensitive.

 Here's the problem: We adore a strong glycolic facial cleanser. We like to use it AM + PM. But we have since become educated about NOT mixing the two formulations together.

So, if we are about to apply Retin-A at night, then we do NOT wash our face with the alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) in the evening. We use a simple soap.

 Why? These are both strong chemicals, and could CANCEL each other out. that we have that straight....Why do we need a facial sunscreen?

 Because when you apply potent anti-aging products like Retin-A, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin C cream or Beta Hydroxy Acids, your skin, although being nicely repaired, is now more sensitive and super exfoliated, so the sun's rays can penetrate more easier and cause damage, again.

 Here's an excellent facial sunscreen fairly new to the beauty market: Suntegrity ($45).

"Natural, broad-spectrum mineral zinc oxide protection that feels and looks so good on your skin that you'll want to wear it 24/7."

Tinting Selection: Choose Fair for very fair complexions, Light for fair to medium complexions, or Medium for medium to darker complexions.

To learn lots of great skin care tips on how to juggle anti-aging products, check out this informative website by Dr. Cynthia Bailey.


Anonymous said...

Very good info that i did not know about.
THANX, Joan!

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