Friday, January 17, 2014

Plastic Experts Cry "Nose Job": Claim Little Kendall Got Smaller Nose Like Kim

We certainly did not see this one coming!

But it's ALL over the entertainment + tabloid news---that 18-year-old Kendall Jenner has gone and splurged on a smaller nose like big sister Kim Kardashian.
Kendall's new nose?
Hmmm. We're not so sure about that.

At age 18, we still consider Kendall a child in some ways, and for the media to begin picking on this young, sweet girl is criminal.

Maybe Kendall Jenner did indeed get a subtle nose job, and if so, it's REALLY nobody's business.

If she had a big nose that bothered her, we could see her wanting to fix it, to fit in, so to speak.

Kendall's old nose?
In Kendall's case, she had a small, adorable nose to begin with, so we would be puzzled as to why she would desire such a change.

True, she is trying to jump-start a modeling career, but if the agencies don't catapult you to stardom fast, it probably won't happen, even with a tinier nose and references by some, that you're the next Ali McGraw.

In our humble opinion, we do NOT believe Kendall has gotten a nose job.

But the plastic experts believe otherwise.

Here's one opinion from a leading consultant plastic surgeon Miles Berry of Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London. 

He said this to the MailOnline:

"The bridge of her nose looks a little more crooked in earlier photo and this could certainly have been smoothed surgical The tip could well be smaller and rather more refined, again pointing to possible surgery."

 Well, that's enough on the subject. Who really 'nose?'