Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Miss The Fringe? Bangs HOT For Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Bangs, fringe, whatever you want to call them, they are ALWAYS a beauty/fashion combo at some point during one of the seasons.

And with Fall on our doorstep, it's time to take the plunge or Big CUT, ladies.

We are tempted---we used to wear blunt bangs for years. Then we finally tired
of them and went just off center part.

Here's what's HOT---the runways showed bangs for Fall/Winter 2016/2017.


Even glam momma Jessica Biel returned to her signature bang beauty with a recent CHOP-CHOP.

I would like to get some clip-on bangs for when I want to join the trendy bangs brigade, and not have to worry about the grow-out process.

How about you-----Are you about to get bangs or skip the look?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

If You Wear Platinum Like Kylie, Then Use Olaplex In Between, Girl!

We happen to LIKE Kylie Jenner's brand new platinum locks. We think she wears it well.

However, we believe she looks OLDER than her 19 years. But, hey----who's counting?

We especially LOVE dark brows + blonde hair. Yes, it's usually a No-Go, but we think bold brows + platinum CAN work for some people.

Kylie debuted her new bad a** platinum shade just in time for NY Fashion Week. And her colorist is sharing details:

Priscilla Valles told PeopleStyle that they went silvery platinum and that Kylie's hair appeared to be in great condition to handle the super light locks.

Meantime, bleached hair needs lots of TLC, so CONDITONER is essential:

“I gave her Olaplex treatment that we’re going to be doing once a week just to keep it healthy. I mean from going the level that it went, it was super soft and healthy,” she says. “With styling it all the time it can dry it out, so we’re going to keep treating it.”

For the extra scoop on Kylie's silvery platinum shade, click here.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Want Longer More Beautiful Hair? Then Try Cutting Hair By The Moon!

Take a good look at this colorful LUNAR chart, because it might just be able to HELP you GROW LONGER, THICKER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER + MORE BEAUTIFUL HAIR by a SIMPLE calendar + time-line of the MOON'S cycle:

I know it sounds totally bizarre, but consider the Old Farmer's Almanac and how the popular, longtime publication ALWAYS prints up their Gardening by the Moon Calendar, because those dates are based on the phase + position of the Moon and indicate the best times to GROW crops, turn the sod, sow the grains, etc.

The SAME growth principle applies to HAIR, if we believe a legend in the business, Anthony Morrocco, who tended to the gorgeous heads of Jackie Onassis, Mia Farrow and many others back in the day.

He claims that you need to follow 5 hair goals. He explains the details here at his website, the MorroccoMethod.

Goals for Cutting Hair by the Moon-----

The 5 hair goals with corresponding dates to choose from:

Lengthen: Shocks and excites your hair growth patterns, causing your hair to grow two to three times faster than normal.

Thicken: Promotes the activation of new growth cycles in your bulb and hair follicles that thicken the follicle.

Strengthen: Enables roots, follicles, and bulbs to increase and strengthen your growth patterns, producing stronger and more resilient hair.

Root Work: Shocks the entire growth cycle, aiding your hair and scalp in all aspects of hair growth and scalp improvement, this should be a base in your cutting routine.

Beautify: Improves and evens the texture and sheen of hair as well as enhances and refines waves and/or curls.

We're blown away by this. Anyone else?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Soaking Up the Sun During Labor Day Weekend? Avoid Bikini Bumps

If you're enjoying the searing sun at the beach or lake as you soak up the last days of summer, make sure your bikini area is bump-free, if you know what we mean.

It's so easy to develop annoying little bumps + ingrown hairs when SHAVING or WAXING the most sensitive bikini area.

BUT....there is a great solution. Use the proper prepping ointment and avoid the common irritated bikini area.

Try this by Completely Bare, Bikini Bump Blaster Pads ($9.99 for a jar, at ULTA).

Just apply and swipe across the bikini  area AFTER you remove hair.

According to the Bikini Bump Blaster, it's formulated with key ingredients like Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid to help PREP the skin + clean the sebum

This effective solution comes in little disposable pads. Wipe the entire targeted area with a moist pad one to two times a day.

Bye-Bye bumps!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Launches Fall 2016 Triple Skin Care Line-Up---Wow!

If you haven't tried MyChelle Dermaceuticals yet, then Fall 2016 is the perfect time to REPAIR + HEAL your skin from summer's damage.

MychelleDermaceuticals is ALL about advanced bio-active skin care. The brand uses REAL beauty science to develop their amazing anti-aging formulas-----including effective ingredients like plant stem cells + peptides.

And we happen to ADORE Mychelle's media specialist Suzette Schermer, who is always accessible and allows the brand to be up-front + transparent to beauty writers, such as myself.

Today, we are looking at MyChelle Dermaceutical's NEW triple threat---3 super products with new STEM CELL technology:

1.  Perfect C PRO Speed Peel (10% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C), $32.50.

This powerful peel is like a TANGERINE dream in a scented puree form. It is an excellent exfoliator that keeps your complexion clear, radiant + soft.

2. Perfect C Radiance Lotion (12% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C), $45.

Love this spectacular skin brightener full of rich C and licorice extract. Your complexion's texture will feel like SILK + have re-newed suppleness.

3. Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate, $45.

This beautiful blue, cooling gel is ideal for facial contours. I even put it around my eyes + love the instant lift it provides.  Plus, it's full of concentrated 2% hyaluronic acid.

This is THE triple threat for Fall 2016. If your skin is crying out for help, try MyChelle Dermaceuticals' 3 NEW advanced skin care solutions.

 I've got mine.....and I'm NOT sharing!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Like Angelina Jolie's Style? Copy Her Loafers for Fall

Angelina Jolie has always been applauded for her modern classic style on the red carpet.

But what about OFF the Hollywood scene?

The big star also nails it on the street, and VOGUE.com has taken notice of Angelina's footwear.

Take a look, as the gorgeous actress LOVES wearing  these when she's in and out of airports.

LOAFERS. Never go out of style + instant sophistication.

Plus, surprisingly NOT as expensive,  as we thought these shoes would be.

LESS than $200.  That's right......$170 (traditional $425 retail).

100% Italian leather from Brescia.

As described by the Everlane brand:

An elegant, architectural flat that feels as good as it looks. The hand-polished leather is half chrome-tanned and half vegetable-tanned leather, so it’s super soft but still structured.

Do you like Angelina Jolie's preppy flair?

I have a similar pair of classic black loafers but hardly wear them. No, mine are NOT the $170 pair.

Come fall, this is a great look to put on. I will have to reconsider.

Nice, comfy travel shoes.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ariana Grande's Beauty Secret For Perfect High Ponytail ---Bungees!

If any star can wear a glam high ponytail, it's Ariana Grande.

Here's the petite cutie a few days ago sporting trendy bangs, too, and a ponytail that ALWAYS stays secure + in place. 

If your hair's misbehaving, but you still want to rock the perfect pony, then wrap one of these around it, says Ariana's stylist Aaron Light, who created the gorgeous style on Tuesday for the star singer.

This is what he uses to SECURE Ariana's ponytail:

This is the Smoothies Bungee Band.  And I could ONLY find them here at Amazon (3 for $7.31).

These are especially effective for thick tresses or those that don't behave when you're trying to style your mane.

Bungee bands are different from regular hair elastics, because they are designed with 2 hooks on each end, enabling you to CLIP your pony together, instead of LOOPING an elastic around it.

Here's how stylist Aaron Light explains it in Allure magazine:

"I love using bungees, especially on clients with thick hair, because you have more control over the hair and can achieve a very tight and secure ponytail. Regular hair bands have a tendency to slip, where bungees really stay put at the base."

Now that's a really good STAR beauty tip!