Thursday, July 31, 2008

Drink Me And You Will Stay Pretty

How about a fountain of youth beauty potion? Sounds too bizarre to be real? Well, maybe not. Let's face it. The science is getting better and better each year. Look at makeup, skin care products, hair serums, and the like. Beauty items are more able to zero in on pimples, wrinkles, sun damage, dark circles, thinning hair, and so on. Beauty products have become more effective because the science has advanced.

'Drink me and you will stay pretty.' Hmmm. It's a wonderful thought. Prominent Manhattan plastic surgeon Michelle Yagoda and globally recognized chemist Eugene Gans have developed a new powder supplement called Beauty Scoop. It promises a better you from the inside out. In just 3 weeks, you will see smoother skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails($95, 21 packets).

So what's in this vanilla-flavored beauty potion? Beauty Scoop is a pure powder that has great absorption qualities to it. It is safe and effective, and its ingredients contain bioavailable lipids and peptides, essential building blocks for beautiful skin, hair, and nails. According to the website, "Beauty Scoop is natural and vegetable-based, reinforced with key vitamins and minerals that act as catalysts to correct and enhance beauty naturally from within."

What's really amazing about this beauty powder is its simplicity. All you need to do, is mix Beauty Scoop with water or milk, and drink once a day. You can even mix the powder into your favorite cocktail! Dr. Yagoda and Mr. Gans don't advocate drinking alcohol daily, but on a special night out, enjoy a Beauty Scoop cocktail. Beauty Scoop's absorption is enhanced by alcohol.

Celebrities are becoming addicted to Beauty Scoop. Just ask Ricki Lake, actress and talk show host.

"It was fantastic! It was delicious and I don't usually like shakes and powdered drinks. I prefer this to a pill as it is all natural and in a drink. It is the 'scoop' in attaining beauty. Even my facialist noticed the changes in my skin."

Alysia Reiner, a film and television actress also praises this beauty potion and was ecstatic over the results---more beautiful, stronger hair. Alysia's celebrity hair stylist, Valentina V., couldn't get over the difference.

"I saw more hair in Alysia's scalp--new growth and enlarged pores. The texture was improved and there was stimulation of new growth. I can't wait to recommend this to my clients.".

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'Bottoms up, baby!'


Jen Hill said...

I saw this recently advertised and wondered what people were saying about it.

Pretty pricey though don't you think? Holy cow, that is almost $5 per serving, what are they putting in this?!

I am a big fan of a supplement called Super Collagen+C by NeoCell that I purchase at Costco for about $25 for a 3-4 months supply. It is supposed to help with your joints, skin, hair, weight control.

J. Tania said...

Hi Jen:
Thanks for your comments. I'm not great in math, but even I was taken aback by the hefty price tag, ha ha. I don't know what this cocktail has, but Ricki Lake seems to adore it.

Thanks for your beauty tip here. Your supplement sounds terrific. You look lovely, so you're doing something right.

Jen Hill said...

Thanks J. Tania, you are very sweet to say so! I am going to write up about this today because I think it is a fascinating topic.

Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great work here!

J. Tania said...

Hi again, Jen:
I will read your article. We inspire each other, so the more information out on a topic, the better we all are for it.

I learn plenty each day myself, and when I visit all these beauty websites.

Anonymous said...

Great article!