Saturday, December 26, 2009

All My Children Star Greenlee Loves Lip Gloss By Ayur-Medic

We are certainly thrilled she is back on legendary soap favorite All My Children. Rebecca Budig who played the character of Greenlee Smythe, is coming back to, er, life, as many great actors do. All My Children has just moved base to Los Angeles, where Rebecca Budig resides, so the actress with the dynamite smile is ready to reprise her role.

Speaking of L.A., there is a skin care line located there, that has Rebecca boasting about a favorite lip gloss . The company is called Ayur-Medic. And one of the founders is none other than celebrated plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia of the popular “E” Entertainment T.V. series, DR.90210. He along with another well-respected dermatologist Ezra Krest created the Ayur-Medic line.

Their website describes the company's beauty philosophy:
"This revolutionary skin care line strikes the perfect balance between time-honored holistic principles and state of the art medical research to provide optimal results."

In the role of Greenlee, Rebecca Budig does a lot of kissing...heck, she's on a soap opera. And when she wants healthy, shiny lips, she reaches for Ayur-Medic Lip Enhancer ($35). It's formulated with a generous dose of Vitamin C, and it “tastes good, and gives your lips a little color,” Rebecca says.

The Ayur-Medic lip treatment has ingredients that not only moisturize lips, but also increase lip volume. The hydrating gloss enhances new cell growth for rosy, healthy lips,too.

Rebecca Budig told People magazine, that she prefers wearing lip gloss instead of lipstick, for her Greenlee kissing scenes. "I like lipgloss. But not the sticky kind. The smell good, smooth kind!”

In addition to the Ayur-Medic Lip Enhancer, Rebecca wears Kiehl's and Sephora, as her other favorites.

And if you're concerned about making lip color last, do what the actress does. Here's Greenlee's beauty tip:

She suggests using lip liner to fill in lips before applying gloss: “That way, once the gloss is gone, there is still color! And the liner tends to really stay which is why I use it all over.”

And you can tune into All My Children, weekdays, 1 PM on ABC.

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