Monday, December 21, 2009

The Real Housewives Only Admit To Botox, Breasts, And Juvederm

We think Bravo TV's 'The Real Housewives' of Orange County, New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta, are all pretty darn honest, well, to some degree, at least.

According to what we recently learned, most of the 'housewives' admit to Botox and a couple to Juvederm, and 9 of the shapely stars admit to having breast implants. Jill Zarin says she had a breast reduction.

We think it's pretty refreshing when a celebrity admits to a few nips and tucks, although Botox and Juvederm are hardly considered an invasive procedure. Instead, these are minor cosmetic enhancements. The only housewife who would admit to any real face work, is Lynne Curtin of the Orange County housewives. The 53-year-old brunette recently had a facelift, and it was all captured on the Bravo reality show, and aired last week. We suspect there's been a little more than just one facial plastic surgery procedure within those 4 shows, but no one's talking, and that's okay, too.

We have to laugh, however, at 'The Countess,' LuAnn De Lesseps of the New York Housewives. The 44-year-old 'The Countess' told People magazine, that "yoga handstands--not Botox--keep her skin wrinkle-free." Well, she does have a nice complexion.

Here are 'The Real Housewives' who have admitted to Botox and/or Juvederm:
Bethenny Frankel (39)
Ramona Singer (53)

Jill Zarin (46)
Kelly Bensimon (41)
Jacqueline Laurita (39)
Danielle Staub (47)
Vicki Gunvalson (47)--both procedures
Tamra Barney (42)
Gretchen Rossi (32)
Lynne Curtin (53)--both procedures
Alexis Bellino (32)
Kim Zolciak (31)

Botox is widely accepted as a minor cosmetic enhancement procedure. And Botox is celebrating its anniversary: 7 years in a row, as the most popular cosmetic injectable.

Let's look at the numbers. 11 million Botox procedures and counting, thus far. Heck, someone is having the stuff injected. Both women and men alike. And the Botox routine is quick and easy. Minimal pain, and within 7 days or so, wrinkles and frown lines around the eyes and forehead are temporarily smoothed away for 3-4 months. The result is subtle and attractive when done correctly.

Those numbers indicate, that not only are The Real Housewives of Orange County, New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta, getting the sting of the Botox needle. Many women younger and older, are undergoing the quick, once every 3 months cosmetic procedure.
And by the way, Botox shots cost about $300-$500 a site. In other words, the crow's feet would be one site, or the lines in the middle of your forehead, one site, and so on.

Juvederm is considered a cosmetic filler or dermal filler injection, that can last up to a year. Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid and is injected into facial wrinkles and folds to smooth skin and plump it up. And Juvederm can also be injected into the lips for a more plump effect. The cost per injection is typically around $300, like Botox.

Well, we suppose that yoga headstands can do a world of good, like The Countess suggests, but for most women looking to quickly erase some wrinkles and smooth out some deeper lines and folds, Botox and Juvederm hit the mark and hit it right.

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key11 said...

Don't waste ur time watching these non-talents. Who cares. The worst ones are the OrangeCounty women.So plastic +phoney-looking!