Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Olsen Twins: Double Fashion Faux Pas Hall Of Fame

The Olsen twins: Mary Kate and Ashley. At 24, the young celebrities have built quite an amazing financial fortune. And the sisters have their own clothing label, the Row. Plus, they hang in some very sophisticated fashion circles. Photo 1 shows the sisters covered up in fur coats at the recent CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in NYC.

But when it comes to style, well, the tiny twosome could be voted into the Double Fashion Faux Pas Hall of Fame!!

Sure, we here at BeautyTipToday celebrate uniqueness and individual style. But seriously, folks, what is going on here?

Mary Kate and Ashley are cute as buttons, and barely stand over 5 ft. tall. And yet they continue to dress in sizes too big. In other words, their clothing 'wears them.' Their fashions overwhelm their delicate, very petite bodies.

And of course, their love of fur has gotten them in lots of trouble with PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The group calls them the 'Trollsen Twins' and even has a nasty website dedicated to their so-called 'Fatal Fashion.'

But we are certainly not here to judge anyone for wearing fur or not wearing fur. We're just concerned about the Olsen twins' idea of proportion.

Some people have said that the twins look like they raided mommy's attic and played dress-up. Others say the two resemble homeless rich girls, if there ever were a term. And yet, the tiny twosome continue to influence the fashion world in a strong way.

Even Harper's Bazaar is intrigued by the Olsen Twins. Check out some of the fashion magazine's interview with the sisters back in August:

.....While you might guess that the Olsens' sartorial preference—a long, covered-up look—might come from a desire not to be seen, you'd be wrong. Mary-Kate explains, "We've always been attracted to longer—" "Layers, silhouettes," Ashley says, finishing her sentence.

"When we were growing up, our mother taught us never to have your belly button exposed," Mary-Kate adds. This low-key, tempered sensuality is the spine of their collection. The Row lady doesn't need to put it all out there because she has something going on "in here." This mood was reflected in the Olsens' Fall 2010 presentation, just 19 looks in a simple palette, worn with the same summery flat: a black wrap coat, a precise white shift dress, a languid jumpsuit—all the pieces girls want but have a devil of a time actually finding. Resort had a similar quiet confidence, each look paired with vintage Prada loafers. Both Olsens are huge Prada fans. "Miuccia's spin always has a sense of humor, which I love," Ashley says. "CĂ©line's quite amazing too," adds Mary-Kate.....

If Vogue and Harper's Bazaar are both crazy over the kooky glam of the Olsen twins, well then, maybe they're on to something. We'll be watching the pint-sized beauties and where their road to fashion takes them.

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