Monday, November 21, 2011

Padded Bra Is Common: What About Padded Panty?

Dear Santa:
Please bring us a BEAUTIFULL BUTT for Christmas!

Ha ha. But don't laugh. There is a way to get a round, curvy butt just in time for the holidays. Just slip into this:

The Buty Panty by Fashion Forms, is sold in fine department stores, like Macys, Bloomingdales, Dillards, and others. It's available in nude or black, in sizes S, M, L, XL for $28.

Well, think about it.......Many of us DO wear padded bras. So---what's wrong with a padded panty? Both are designed to enhance our natural curves. And after seeing Jennifer Lopez bouncing around the American Music Awards stage last night with her big, voluptous booty in view, well, it's something to ponder.

A curvy butt is quite an asset, and the Buty Panty has this beauty philosophy:

...."Because sometimes....You just need a buty."

Right on!

The folks at Fashion Forms describe their Buty Panty as a natural looking padded panty pre-shaped with contour form to resemble a curvaceous bottom. And not surprisingly, the undie is designed in Brazil. Gee, no kidding.

Brazilian women are known for their great behinds. And let's be honest, is it wrong to desire a curvier silhouette?

No. But we're wondering just how padded the buty panty is?! Some bras are overly padded and some of us just say no to too much faux cleavage. And maybe the same goes for a super bumped-up panty.

So, if you don't have the Kardashian 'kurves' from behind to begin with, is it okay to cheat a little? Trust us, there are celebrities who slip into padded panties for major red carpet events. Not every body is perfectly proportioned.

Check out the Buty Panty.


Anonymous said...

There is just some thing wrong about a padded panty.I coulds not put one on.Too tacky!


Thank you for mentioning us. We are coming out with all different styles and colors (seamless, leopard, ect) so keep an eye out for us and our BUTY ;)

P.S. Our Buty Panty was just on the back cover of OK! Magazine (we didn't plan that on purpose) Check out our blog for our other media appearances.

Cathy Anderson said...

Purchased the One-Size in Black. My husband loves it, and as an added bonus, I love barely there panties wearing it!

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