Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top News Anchors Go Sleeveless Year Round: How To Get Those Arms!

Is it just us, or have all the top news anchors gone sleeveless-crazy lately?

It doesn't matter if the snow is falling or the tornado-is-a-coming, news anchors and entertainment anchors are delivering the facts with bare, toned arms all-year-round.

We've come to the conclusion, that bare arms on a woman, can make some people uncomfortable. Why, we can't figure out. Remember when First lady Michelle Obama had her official White House photographs taken in a sleeveless dress? Some observers went ballistic----'How inappropriate!" some sneered.

We've noticed that more and more top anchors in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, are baring their arms, and not only during the hot summer months. Check out Good Morning America with Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer showing off toned triceps and biceps a few times a week in raw autumn weather. And Fox News' anchors also going sleeveless whenever the camera is turned on them, including Megyn Fox, Jeanine Pirro, and a parade of others.

Do you like the bare arm look all-year-round?

You, too, CAN show off your feminine guns with a weekly exercise routine. You have to keep up with a regular work-out schedule to get away with the bare arm look, but it can be done, and you don't need to lift any heavy artillery.

It's all in the trcieps, ladies, according to

"The triceps are probably the most important muscle to develop when you want to achieve firm toned arms. The reason for this is that the tricep muscle takes up 2/3 of the arm. If it is underdeveloped it looks wobbly and soft but when it is firm and lean it makes the whole arm look that way."

Jade Alexis, who has trained Alicia Keys, came up with this boxing-inspired exercise that you can do at the office when you have a few spare moments.

"Sit upright in a chair with feet flat on the floor," Jade explains. "Hold dumbbells with your hands under your chin and slowly punch out at an angle across the body." Do at least 100 punches. You will develop 'knockout triceps, biceps, and shoulders.'


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